New research on renal care and kidney problems for diabetics

Fri, 11 Feb 2011
A new study, to be published in the Journal of Renal Care, has revealed that many patients that have diabetes only realise that their condition can have an effect on their kidneys when they have to see a renal specialist.

The research, by scientists at Institute for Health Research at the University of Bedfordshire, revealed that monitored patients with diabetes that were attending specialist renal services in Luton, Leicester and Ealing, had a very low awareness of the kidney risks posed by the metabolic condition. The study is also comparing the experiences, knowledge and attitudes of white patients and South Asian patients.

Gurch Randhawa, director at the Institute, commented "The people we spoke to experienced feelings of surprise, fear and regret when they found out their kidney had been affected."

He added "Many of the patients we spoke to were much more aware of how diabetes could affect their eyes and feet than their kidneys. We believe this study highlights a serious need for more information about the risks that diabetics face from kidney disease."

Although previous research in the UK had shown that South Asian patients have a higher risk of developing diabetes-related end-stage kidney failure, there is also increasing evidence that they tend to be referred later for renal care and are less likely to receive follow-up care.
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