New ranking of successful diets published

Wed, 08 Jun 2011
A new study in the United States into the effectiveness of a range of diets has found that the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet was the best overall personal diet .

However, the trial by a panel of 22 experts in the areas of diabetes, heart disease and diet and nutrition for the US News &World Report also stated that the best diet depends on what is most suitable for its goal, whether it is losing weight, reducing a high level of high blood pressure or managing diabetes.

Although the DASH diet was seen as the best overall diet, the Weight Watchers diet came first in terms of losing weight, second was the Jenny Craig and the Raw Food Diet, while the Mediterranean diet was second in the best overall diet category.

The study involved 20 different diets, which were reviewed in terms of short-term weight loss, long-term weight loss, easiness to follow, nutritional completeness, whether they could help prevent or manage diabetes and for managing heart disease. The diets were then assessed in the categories of best overall diet, best diabetes diet, best weight-loss, best commercial diet plan and best heart-healthy diet .

The report commented "Exercise gets serious attention in some diets and lip service in others, but the primary focus of a diet, after all, is food. Whether to exercise, how, and how much is a lifestyle decision beyond the scope of a mere diet."
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