Filmmaking experience offered to teens with type 1 diabetes

Mon, 08 Jul 2013
Teenagers diagnosed with type 1 diabetes are being encouraged to share their experiences of managing the condition.

As part of a Big Lottery-funded project, five 13-19 year olds with type 1 diabetes in the town of Maidenhead are being given the opportunity to produce short films to show how they keep their condition under control.

The films, which will be made during a week-long series of workshops and then uploaded onto YouTube, will allow diabetic teens to share and learn from each other's experience.

The initiative is the first major project from charity group Action Media, which is aimed at promoting positive change through the media.

Founder Deborah Snow, who has had type 1 diabetes for more than 18 years, said: "I am a media teacher and I spend a lot of time discussing what the media gets up to.

"I wanted to do something positive and not just have bad news stereotypes of teenagers. I wanted to give people a voice."

The mum-of-four added: "The daily management of type 1 diabetes is incredibly complex and it really helps to watch videos of how other people manage.

"We hope to make some short films detailing perhaps how to manage a sleepover or a jog or even a day in school to shed insight to others with the condition and those who may need to know such as teachers or school friends."

The filmmaking workshops will take place at the College Avenue site of Claires Court School in Maidenhead, Berkshire, during the October half term.
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