Hypo Program users benefit from 22 per cent improvement in feelings about health, survey reveals

Jack Woodfield
Thu, 01 Aug 2019
Hypo Program users benefit from 22 per cent improvement in feelings about health, survey reveals
Hypo Program users experience a 22% average reduction in how often they worry about their future health and 12% average reduction in the number of days they worry about hypos, a survey shows.

The survey findings comprised of responses to a health data questionnaire from users who completed a health data questionnaire before and after signing up to the Hypo Program.

The Hypo Program was released in January in partnership with Novo Nordisk to provide a digital education tool designed to increase hypoglycemia awareness.

Six months since its launch, more than 35,000 people worldwide have signed up to improve their blood glucose control, with over 31,000 sign-ups in the UK.

The Hypo Program comprehensively details everything you need to know about low blood glucose, which can affect people with diabetes taking blood glucose-lowering medication such as insulin. It is personalised across four streams: people with diabetes, parents (or carers), teachers and healthcare professionals (HCP).

Through a series of educational videos and supporting resources, the Hypo Program is designed to improve knowledge of hypos, including the causes and treatment of hypos as well as how to prevent them.

One user said of the program, "I've had diabetes for over 14 years and found this to be the most useful education on hypos I've received yet. If you use insulin I would strongly recommend this app."

Another said, "This is a superb resource for anyone with diabetes/carers. The quality of this app and the quantity of information it contains is incredible."

The Hypo Program marks the first collaboration between DDM and Novo Nordisk, as part of a joint initiative to provide better digital solutions to empower people with diabetes.
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