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"One result helps you make immediate decisions about your diabetes management"

"But over time, each result becomes part of your story"

"Seeing how everyday activities affect my blood glucose. That's illuminating."


Introducing the CONTOUR® NEXT ONE

The new CONTOUR® NEXT ONE meter and CONTOUR® DIABETES app have just simplified blood glucose tracking, to help you better manage your diabetes.

Simple to use, the CONTOUR® NEXT ONE meter has been shown to deliver remarkably accurate blood glucose results beyond industry standards at +/-8.4% which gives you a result even closer to a laboratory reference.1,2

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The new age of smart diabetes management

Combining the CONTOUR® NEXT ONE with the CONTOUR® DIABETES smartphone app, giving you meaningful insights into your diabetes.

Available to download on the App StoreTM and Google Play StoreTM.

Understanding blood glucose patterns and trends

Seamlessly captured blood glucose readings are used to create personalised patterns and trends to help you see how daily activities impact your results.

Knowing if you are on target

The smartLIGHT™ feature provides you with an instant indicator of your blood glucose results so you know whether they are within, above, or below your target range.

Amber above target

Green within target

Red below target

Avoiding wasted strips

With Second-Chance™ sampling you can reapply blood to the same test strip for up to 60 seconds if the first sample is insufficient. Helps to avoid lancing a second time. Not only do you save test strips, you save precious time, too.

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