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All women with the "hunter" gene get gestational diabetes.

Discussion in 'Gestational Diabetes' started by yetta2mymom, Sep 18, 2017.


Do you have the "hunter" gene

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  1. yetta2mymom

    yetta2mymom Don't have diabetes · Well-Known Member

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    I am thinking about modifying my statement on my web site from (paraphrase) all type 2 diabetics may be controlled by a very low sugar/starch/alcohol diet to most type 2 diabetics may be controlled by a very low sugar/starch/alcohol diet. I am a nut I only do this form of research and/or try and understand macro-economics. My latest (contribution?) is that there is usually very limited economic mobility. You are born into some economic class and most (not all) people are (doomed?) to stay in that economic situation. There are times when this isn't true. After the second world war ,at least in the U.S., there was a limited shake up of the economic classes. I can point to other times when this was also true.
  2. busydiabeticmum

    busydiabeticmum I reversed my Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    I am also a nut as I come on here to educate myself and stop myself from having even the smallest atom of arrogance for thinking that everyone is the same, or even sticking my nose up to people society thinks is lower than me...
    I too was arrogant in the thought that if low carb worked for me it must also work for everyone and that people who didn't stick to the diet (for whatever reason) were either weak or just doing it wrong... speaking to people on here, and actually LISTENING to what they said and trying to feel empathy for their situation changed my opinion... that is going to get rid of any bigotry or arrogance that may have been imprinted into me by society. I force myself to meet people I normally wouldn't meet or have in my circle of friends, and I enjoy their input, I enjoy their company, I listen to their stories and find a huge degree of admiration and inspiration in/ for their strength and courage... I suggest you do the same and speak with more people on here especially, you may not agree with them at first but opening your mind to understanding may help you in your quest and ultimately change your life for the better.
    As we are now off course of the original topic and as I see this going no further, as I have a great deal of respect for you because of your age and would really hate to he seen as being disrespectful or rude, I will just leave it at this.
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