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Could my experinces be of any use?

Discussion in 'Diabetes Complications' started by Unbeliever, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. Unbeliever

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    For almost four years I have been suffering from retinopathy and macular oedema. I have had cataracts and i have been legally blind but the condition is never static.

    I have come to realise just how important a part the brain plays in "deciphering " what we see.

    I am aware that my brain will complete the picture for me if bits are missing. It often gets it wronhg unfortunately with sometimes hilarious results. I have lost count of the number of fire hydrants I have addressed fondly as "pretty pussy" for example.

    My eyes are not too bad just now but I know that this can't last. I have been trying to catch up wih some reading as this is often impossible. Tonight I read a sentence as follows " ... jumped up knocking his head against the side of the bed.. It rolled off across the floor and stopped at the feet of the constable" I was reading ,as ever, with the aid of a magnifying glass, I thought it must need to be de-misted. I did this and tried again. I saw the identical sentence. A third time - same result. I called my husband to see the amusing misprint but he saw it plainly as "hat" of course.

    This is just a small example there are less amusing effects such as my throwing out a lot of perfectly good food because I totally confused my 11s and 12s and my insistence that there was a large structure in the middle of the road with lights but no vehicles {it was a lorry} when my husaband asked me to check the road. He doesn't do this now.
    I am still chuckling about the rolling head but wondered if anyone anywhere studies these things and if my experiences could be of any use. Just a thought.
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    I am suffering exactly the same as you, But i am a waiting an operation on left eye to have the Vitreous Jelly removed as i have had a concstant bleed in the Jelly. Got to see a cardiologist before i go through the op as i have been suffering with palpataions and heart racing, so once that is sorted i can go back on the op list, was supposed to be urgent but i'm giving up worrying. The weather also distorts the vision

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