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New Member (T1) & everything is starting to break!

Discussion in 'Greetings and Introductions' started by markc328, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. markc328

    markc328 Member

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    Hi All,
    My Diabetes experience is:

    I was diagnosed as type 1, at 36 years old (3 years ago). I was a keen runner,doing 10 miles 3 times a week & felt fit as a fiddle (ex-military). There is no history of diabetes on either side of my family.

    My GP missed the diabetes completely & i kept getting thrush & terrible fatigue but the GP Kept saying "You 36 & fit...stop being paranoid...here's some cream for the thrush & stop doing so much running!"

    Over a few weeks I started feeling worse & worse, but put it down to running fatigue. Eventually I finally realised someting was wrong, when on a run, I was passed by an elderly gentleman, walking his dog...who was also very elderly :(

    I finally self diagnosed by doing a free Sugar/Cholesterol test at my local pharmacy...my Blood Sugar was 31..happy days.The pharmacist nearly fell over with shock, as did I. So off I went to the GP's with results in hand & head spinning. Once the GP finished his large serving of humble pie he informed me that they normally hospitalize people with my level of blood sugar, but as I was still standing they wouldn't bother!

    I have been left with some nasty side effect of the high blood sugars (Tinnitus, visual problems, lethargy, dizziness & bowel issues (less said, the better :shock: )

    All that said, I take my control very seriously & my last 3 Hb1ac have been 5.9, 6.3 & 6.3 so I'm going in the right direction. I also appreciate life much more & spent much more time with my family & less time running.

    One final thing before you all fall asleep, can anyone shed some light on the following:

    I keep having lots of Hypo's, even after 3 years. I take the following injections:

    Morning: 6 units of Novarapid
    Lunch: No Insulin
    Tea: 6 Units of Novarapid
    Night time: 7 Units of Lantus

    My Specialist tested my bloods, which were all fine. My C-Peptide, which came back as 600 & apparently normal

    We have tried different oral med's, Metformin, then Tributamol, but I then produce ketones after a couple of days & then end up back on the insulin & the hypo's start again.

    Any help would be really appreciated.
  2. daisy1

    daisy1 Moderator

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    Hi Mark and welcome to the forum :) Have a good read around and use the search engine. Ask as many questions as you like and someone's sure to know the answer. I can't help on your specific questions as I'm a type 2 but some type 1s will be along soon. Your HbA1c's sound good. :)
  3. AL1

    AL1 Member

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    Hello Mark and welcome :)
  4. HLW

    HLW Active Member

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    What are your meter blood sugar readings over a typical day? Hba1c isn't terrible useful - it's just an average, and as you are having hypos this means your blood sugar could be high a lot of the time.
  5. totsy

    totsy Well-Known Member

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    hya mark and welcome :D

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