Probably T2 since 1967 (gestational diabetes unrecognised)
Diagnosed first by me, then by doctor around 2005
Weight depressingly high since birth of first son in '67
Low carbing since 2017 - felt better but no change in BG or weight
Since September '19 IF and low calorie diet - lost about one stone in a month
November '19 stuck at 15st 10lb since early October
Gained weight again up to almost 19 stone; lost it again with very strict carb control down to 16st 8lb
Also probably some kidney problems - doctor not bothered
BG control better than it was. Last HBa1c was 53 in August 2023 - down from mid 60's in 2022.
Aug 14, 1945 (Age: 78)
Western Isles, Scotland
United Kingdom
Type of diabetes
Treatment type
Metformin, Humalog bolus, Tresiba basal plus medication for fluid retention, stomach problems, hypothyroidism and HBP
Very little - it takes me all my time to move around due to arthritis
Retired college lecturer




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