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Hi, I'm a wife of a type 2 , using a low carb diet but hubby not seeing a loss in weight however blood sugars are much lower. Any advice muchly appreciated.
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Hello, and welcome.
You will be more likely to get advice if you start a thread. Much more visible and more opportunities for conversations with members.
How to reverse diabetes? Is it possible, to watch videos about diet and exercise? True or false.
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Hi @faraz9 and welcome to the forum.
Reversed, in Remission or very well controlled, which ever term you use. I prefer very well controlled. I have a normal HbA1c and blood sugar values now by taking one tablet and eating less than 40g carbohydrate a day. However if I went back to eating a lot of carbs my numbers would become diabetic again
Hi everyone
I’m a type 2 diabetic that has no clue whatsoever and would like to chat to people and maybe make new friends.
Hello thanks for this opportunity for being here and get all the support I can and helping others in the community as well any recommendations in how to help my condition. type 2 diabetes