Diagnosed T2D (April 2019): Hba1c 7.0% = 53after BG tests above/below abnormal since Triple CAB in December 2016.
No actual heart attack, just >90% blockage of arteries.
April 2019 Diagnosed T2 Started LCHF Lifestyle (no calorie reduction) no Diabetes meds: Total Cholesterol 3.5, HDL 1.2, LDL 1.9, Triglycerides 1.93
August 2019 Hba1c 6.2 = 45.Tot Chol 5.0, HDL 1.33, LDL 1.97, Trig 3.74, ACR 3.2, weight down: minus 22lbs.
Nov 2020 A1C 5.7% = 37 (normal range).

Blood Pressure has always been Low to Normal.
Weight had been bordering on overweight ever since I went on 'so-called Healthy High Carb Low Fat diet' in early 2000's.
Harpenden, Herts, England
United Kingdom
Type of diabetes
Treatment type
Diet only
imipramine 25mg, promethazine hydrochloride 10mg, loperamide 2mg.Currently not taking: Bisoprolol 1.25mg, Aspirin 75mg, Ramipril 1.25mg, Lansoprazole 30mg, GP agreed to remove Atorvastatin from my prescription
30-35min brisk walk per day
financial markets
exercise, phone calls


Forum Rules: https://www.diabetes.co.uk/forum/threads/community-ethos-forum-rules.50278/

April 2019: T2D Hba1c 53 Tot Cholesterol 3.6, HDL 1.2, LDL 1.9, Trig 1.93
Controlling with LCHF 'Way Of Eating' (no diet/hunger) plus occasional TRE or IF. No meds, no additional exercise.

August 2019: Pre-Diabetic Hba1c 45 Tot Chol 5.0, HDL 1.33, LDL 1.97 (with D Feldman Protocol), Trig 3.74, ACR 3.2

May 2020: Pre-Diabetic HbA1c 44 Tot Chol 7.4, HDL 1.42, LDL 4.62 (without D Feldman Protocol), Trig 1.75 - so good control of HbA1C, nice increase in HDL, nice (expected) reduction in Trigs but surprising large increase in LDL. - Perhaps I'm a super-responder.
November 2020 : HbA1C 37 (normal) Tot Chol 7.7 HDL 2.17 LDL 5.02 Trig 1.13 - Now in normal HbA1C range, both HDL and triglycerides are improved, LDL continues to rise.


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