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Feet problems sharp pain and feel warm

Discussion in 'Type 2 Diabetes' started by pang, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. pang

    pang Type 2 · Member

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    In the past 2 months I have started getting the feeling of hot pins pushing into my feet and also my feet sometimes feel hot or warm even if the rest of my body doesn't. This feeling warm and pin pricks only happens at night when I am in bed. However if I get a bg measurement whilst this is happening usually it's good under 6. What is happening is this diabetic neuropathy? How do I stop it can I reverse the damage
  2. Clivethedrive

    Clivethedrive Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    Hello Pang,yes it sounds like neuropathy of the feet,i suffered from this,its what caused me to go to. The doctors about three yrs ago,my feet felt like i was walking on glass,my doc took blood and back came the results,...you are type two diabetic.......take these metformin tabs am and pm, don't eat anything sugary,try and lose weight and you will be ok.
    Well did pretty much what he said, but things did not improve, it was only affter doing an internet search that i discovered this forum and finally got the right advice and help
    Now as i started to lchf regime,my weight droppedsteadily and the nneuropathy started to ease off,it took about six months for th pain to completely go.
    As we know it isn't until things get bad that we realise something is wrong like neuropathy,which canbuild up until we see the painfull results,reversing neuropathy takes a little time and effort with the right fegime and personal foot care,like wearing extra padded footware,and not washing your feet in water that is more tthan blood temperature,drying them gently and carefully all helps.so all the best and hope you get yourself in a good place soon,clive
  3. AloeSvea

    AloeSvea Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    Hi Pang - you have my sympathy! As yes, it does sound like nerve damage in your feet. I had it for decades, and had no idea what it was. It was only once I was diagnosed and started reading up on T2D that I realised that awful thing where my feet felt like they were burning up, especially at night, was actually nerve damage. My doctor in NZ didn't take it seriously (not really her fault - she just didn't believe I could have had such damage before diagnosis), and I didn't get a neuropathy test here, but my diabetes nurse and doctor in Sweden did, and I go that test (but not a retinopathy one! But did in NZ. Isn't it a hoot?!)

    Anyway, apart from language issues, the podiatry test was totally painless, involving a vibrating thing, and an electrical thing - no needles! And I got a very good report that covered where the nerve damage was. After over 30 years of this strange overheating of my feet - I was greatly relieved to have that report.

    Cooling creams, massage sandals, fans in the bedroom, cooling pads out of the freezer, ice cubes wrapped in a wet towel, and good shoes and socks make my life bearable where otherwise it would not be! (As anyone with nerve damage can tell you.)

    My HBA1c/BG seems not to affect this condition. I may have had nerve damage originally caused by toxins in the environment, more toxins later, and then increased by insulin resistance.

    I will try to do the ALA supplement soon (I need to get some money to do it as it ain't cheap!), and see if that helps. Studies, etc, support the use of ALA in terms of relieving the pain/burning etc.

    Good luck!
  4. Angela_T

    Angela_T Type 1 · Well-Known Member

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    Hi Pang, I feel your pain I have diabetic neuropathy and full body sensory nerve pain. I was told magnesium oil is good for this I got a small pot first to try to see if it helped it does help for a few hours and takes away the pain for a bit I was told best to take before bed I ordered a small pot first from Amazon to see if it was ok with me before getting the bigger pot. xxx Mine is painful all day everyday can't wait for the day it gets better as whole body nerve problems hurt. I use a tens machine too it has all different modes on Acupuncture mode to I use this every day 15mins morning 15 mins night got on Amazon too. Good Luck :) .xxx
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