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Was this a sleep hypo?

Discussion in 'Type 1 Diabetes' started by joelcam, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. joelcam

    joelcam · Well-Known Member

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    I have never had a hypo in my sleep but think I did yesterday and it scared the shi* out of me.

    I did nothing out of the ordinary. I ate my tea, checked levels about 2.5 hours later and was 6mmol. I ate nothing else and went to bed (as I normally would) at about 10.30. Between 10.15 and 10.30 I was arguing with my partner. At the time I felt she was being awkward but in hindsight I was just being grumpy and picky at her. Anyway we kind of ignored each other and went to sleep.

    At 1am I woke up as I was really hot and thought it was just me waking up because I was hot. I rolled over to put my arm around the missus (who remembered we were arguing and pushed my arm off her - I then remembered we were arguing).

    Anyway, I lay back down thinking I really needed a drink but I felt like I could not get up out of bed to get one. I contemplated going to get a drink for what seemed like ages but in the end I got up and felt very weak and trembly. I had a drink (but only water) and checked my levels. My levels were 11.8??? I am wondering if I had a hypo but then my liver dumped? I ended up staying on the sofa all night and feeling scared to go back to sleep.

    Any ideas what happened?

  2. Dollyrocker

    Dollyrocker · Well-Known Member

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    I wouldn't have thought a liver dump would push you up quite that high though I could be wrong. If it's a one off like you said, I wouldn't worry yourself too much but maybe try and go to bed a little higher just in case. Personally I would never go to bed as low as 6 but that's because I know I drop in the night. I find cheese and an oatcake before bed help to keep levels level through the night

    P.S I hope you made it up with your girlfriend ;)
  3. tom79

    tom79 · Well-Known Member

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    Couldnt have been your partner getting revenge on you by sticking jelly babies up your nose when you sleep? hehe.

    No idea! im no expert, however i did read that stress can increase your BG, maybe your argument caused stress, this in turn increased your BG? No idea about the shakes, maybe adrenaline?
  4. jopar

    jopar · Well-Known Member

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    Peobably the arguement with the other half...

    Don't forget arguments produce stress, stess hormones tend to push blood glucose up..

    When I was on the DAFNE course this was disguised one of the lads looked up and asked our consultant Err when do we take the correction jab, before, during or after the argument? :lol:

    DAFNE was pre-pumping days, and my husband is also T1 diabetic, so I replyed Err in out house it would be a case of duel at dawn, as when face each other with our insulin pens ready to drawl :roll:
  5. tekcom

    tekcom · Member

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    I find I wake up in the exact same state as you, very hot, trembly etc.
    If I can make it downstairs, I will do a quick BM test. It has been known for the blood meter's to be a little bit inaccurate. To the degree where the readings can vary by +/- 2mmol.

    I'm now of the mindset that if I wake up in the night with a hypo, I will always double test for accuracy.
    Mind you, with the saga of blood testing strips supplied by the GP, I can understand why people may want to be frugal with their testing.
  6. noblehead

    noblehead Type 1 · Guru
    Retired Moderator

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    I make it a rule that I test my bg before getting into bed every night, as Joper says stress can push up bg readings although some say it can have the opposite effect. My wife and I never go to bed on a bad word as life is just too short, always best to kiss and make-up and you'll sleep much more soundly! :wink:

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