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  • Would you be kind enough to show me around this site as it looks complicated im new here joined today I've just been diagnosed to last week haven't seen nurse yet
    Can somebody tell me what blood sugar readings are classed as high and what normal readings should be
    My blood 10 this morning and I am struggling big time in heat, headaches, nausea, confusion extreme levels of sweating on head. Any suggestions
    just joined few mins ago not very high tech its an age thing 78 by the way from n ireland think i have stumbled on to a usa site so might not be ok regards lingo thanks for the welcome wish you all the very best yvonne t
    No Scandi -- I was the pedant. You were quite right to be bringing the pompous jerk down a peg. I just can't resist an argument!
    Sorry - I was trying to take that jerk down a peg or two! Who cares about poor grammar and syntax in this instance when people are just looking for help and support. Ended up hoisted on my own petard. Must tell hubbie when he comes home. The micky taking will be relentless! Am eating a big piece of humble pie!
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