1. J

    Adhesive trouble swimming laps

    Dexcom is the subject of this post not a pump, but same area of trouble. I am an unstable type 1 who relies heavily on my G6 Dexcom, and I want to find some way to swim laps with it. Even with the better overlay patches on Amazon, it doesn't stand a fighting chance when swimming laps. A brand...
  2. G

    What Prevents Libre Sensors From Being Pulled Off?

    I have been having a difficult time getting these things to stay in place. All the ads from Libre show these deliriously happy women showing off their sensors and there is no indication of added cover to help them stay in place. I have used Nexcare Tegaderm waterproof dressing and it worked for...
  3. woodbum

    Minimed Paradigm Veo clips and case/cover FREE

    Unsure if this is the right place but I find forums so confusing! I recently upgraded my pump but have 2 unused clips, an unused silicone cover and a used leather flip cover for a Paradigm Veo (I think) insulin pump that is FREE to anyone who wants them, if you wanna message me or something, I...