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Advice needed! Type 2

Discussion in 'Type 2 Diabetes' started by catmazdo, May 22, 2016.

  1. catmazdo

    catmazdo Other · Active Member

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    Hi All,

    It's been a while since I posted on here.

    I'm type 2 diabetic, was diagnosed a year ago. Last HBA1C was 78. I'm currently taking 1500mg of glucophage and 10mg of empagliflozin. The empagliflozin isn't suiting my lifestyle as I travel a lot for my job. When I working from home it works amazingly, I lost weight and my BG level was down to 7.9. But I'm having to take it intermittently because of the travelling for work. I do a lot of motorway driving and needing to constantly pee makes life difficult.

    My doctor has said I can drop that tablet and try another to take with glucophage but he warned me that it can cause weight gain. With 3 stone still to lose I can't afford to put more weight on!

    He said that my only other option would be insulin injections. Which I'm concerned about.

    I have to say that having to take all the tablets I have to take everyday, not just the diabetic ones, but the BP ones and statins I'm actually feeling nauseous. The empagliflozin makes me pee all day and I'm up 4/5 times a night so I'm also exhausted.

    I suppose I'm just looking for some advice or to hear from your experiences. Is the switch to insulin as scary as it seems? Am I going to be faced with fear of hypo's? Do you think I should ask the doctor to switch me over to insulin? Does insulin help with weight loss or does it cause weight gain?

    Thanks for listening and I look forward to hearing your replies.

    Worried and confused
  2. Squire Fulwood

    Squire Fulwood Type 2 · Expert

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    I am not on insulin but I have heard people refer to it as the fat hormone. In his book Escape the Diet Trap Dr. Briffa says that insulin has the ability to put glucose into cells but does not have the ability to take it out again. Excess glucose goes into fat cells.
    I shall bring up the subject of diet and ask what you have done to control your sugar levels by what you eat.
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  3. tpaz

    tpaz Type 1 · Well-Known Member

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    Insulin is only helpful to type 2's who have lost some pancreas function or don't produce insulin anymore.

    The main problem T2's and some T1's (like me) have is insulin resistance. The Metformin helps with that, and the other types of drugs will have you pee out the excess sugar.

    I highly doubt a doctor would give you insulin, if you're producing it well on your own.

    While it's not the end of the world, I wish I could manage my diabetes my pills only. I know every drug has its side effects, but I do wish I could take a handful a pills everyday and not have to worry about insulin, and constant testing.
  4. Giffer67

    Giffer67 Type 2 · Newbie

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    Diagnosed type 2 about 12years ago and been on all sorts of tablets to no avail.After refusing to go on insulin for years with my by always high,blurred vision ,chronic fatigue,mood swings, at the end of my tether I went on to insulin about 18months ago........blood levels now average 6 1,owish I had done e it soon erne painless injection with a tiny needle once a day,happy as a sandboy, no more fatigue, no more feeling awful, no more
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