Anyone else get wildly inaccurate Dexcom readings?


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Freestyle libre is hopeless, alerted me to being low and a scan showed 3.3, finger prick showed 12.4. Repeated finger prick and got same result 5mins later. Freestyle showed 2.9. Consultant did state finger prick is gospel amd they are aware of the inaccuracies of the cgm devices.
I use FS2 my readings when compared to a finger prick test are generally accurate whilst I am stable but if I am dropping down they can be as much as 2 points out. That is if my FS2 reading is 4.5 my finger prick reading could be as low as 2.5. This becomes apparent when I start getting hypo symptoms and is the reason I double check. I tend to set the alarm at 5 when driving but of at night I set it at 3.8. I very occasionally trigger the alarm at night and keep a few biscuits handy. No matter how low I am going to bed I am always high in the morning so don’t worry so much.