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BG levels and exercise (swimming)

Discussion in 'Fitness, Exercise and Sport' started by Sunderlandafclad, Sep 24, 2017.

  1. Sunderlandafclad

    Sunderlandafclad Type 2 · Member

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    Hi all,

    (I’m a Type 2 - last two bloods which gave my diagnosis, middle May 52 and confirming diagnosis just a few weeks ago middle Aug of 72. Was 141kg at diagnosis, 1 month in I’m now 133kg. Metformin and MR metformin didn’t agree with me so now on 50 mg of xelevia once a day. Use freestyle Libra to help monitor bloods and as of today it’s estimating my HbA1c at 42 currently.)

    Right been a lurka since I joined a few weeks ago and been taking in plenty of info as I get my head round things!

    I broke my back parachuting in the Army so due to mobility issues/pain etc I am limited to what exercise I can do without causing me pain so for exercise I can only really do swimming which I have started to do twice a week. Now I don’t go mad and just do half hour doing 32 lenghs which equates to 1/2 a mile a session. Now I always take readings and start with levels at around 7-8mmols/L then test when I get out and test expecting levels to rise after reading all the comments on here but mine are not! Today for example, had a few carbs about an hour before swimming and took reading at 9.6mmol/L then after the swim I’m heading downwards to 3.8mmol/L and even lower last weeks session.

    So what’s going wrong, why are mine not going up like it seems everyone else’s do?

  2. Pipp

    Pipp I reversed my Type 2 · Moderator
    Staff Member

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    Hi @Sunderlandafclad

    I don't use the FreeStyle Libre, so not really sure my response will be of use. I hope some other members can give a more relevant answer.

    One of the reasons, (apart from the expense) that I haven't invested is that I swim several times a week, for at least an hour, usually in the deep end of the pool. The info on the Freestyle website is that the sensor is waterproof for 30 minutes in up to 3 feet of water. Perhaps this is causing a false reading for you if you are in the pool at depth more than 3 feet for more than 30 minutes? One way of checking would be to use another meter to compare.
    Well done on the weight loss, predicted HbA1c, and the decision to swim regularly. I too gained a lot of weight following spinal injury. swimming, aquafit, and using adapted (seated exercise) gym equipment, keep me from seizing up completely.
  3. Mark_1

    Mark_1 · Well-Known Member

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    My simplified take on it is that if you start out low then once it realises your exercising your liver will dump stored glucose into your blood or make some by breaking down your muscles. Once you finish these can then be restored with whats left over and future food. If you've eaten some carbs then these can be used first so no need until these run out. If you have plenty of fat to lose then try exercising without the carbs and see what that does.
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