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Type 1 Bg Stable But Too High, Not Sure Why!

Discussion in 'Ask A Question' started by Lottebagpipe, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. Lottebagpipe

    Lottebagpipe Type 1 · Member

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    Hi all, new poster but I've been T1 diabetic for 24 years - diagnosed just before my 3rd birthday. I should be a pro at this but alas, I'm not. I've done carb counting courses, grown up with the condition, heck my mum is even a diabetes specialist nurse!

    But I've had high hbA1c results since my teens, and after getting my last result back at 95, and approaching 30, I've realised I need to knuckle down and manage this properly before long term complications set in. I've started testing before meals and 2 hours after, adopted a low-mid carb diet to give myself a fighting chance, making sure I remember to inject with every meal and not an hour after as I've been prone to do...I know, I know. How I've only had DKA once at 18 is a minor miracle.

    ANYWAY. I'm a few days in and a bit stumped. My sugars have been stable, but all around the 12 - 15 mark. Today for example:

    Waking (9am): 9.0
    Mid Morning (12pm): 12.2
    Pre-Lunch (1pm): 13.4
    Post-Lunch: (4pm) 15.1

    Now today I skipped breakfast because I overslept, and I'm wondering if my liver released glucagon in response? Even though I was already at 9.0? Gah I don't know.

    Lunch was a pasta salad, chicken pieces, and a Galaxy ripple. Admittedly not my low carb best but I've been exhausted all day and forgot to bring a packed lunch and I just can't be bothered today. I worked my carb out at 70g, and corrected with an extra 3 units as my blood sugars have been pretty stubborn - so 10 units of Novorapid in total. So I was surprised to see I've actually gone slightly up.

    I take Tresiba at 9pm, currently 18 units (as of last night), going to keep that as it is for a week to get an idea of if it's working.
    My carb to insulin ratio is 1:10 (ie. default carb counting recommendations), but I wouldn't be surprised if this needs tweaking.

    But can anyone offer any insight? It might be super obvious to someone reading this but when it's your own body you can't see the wood for the trees sometimes...
  2. Deleted Account

    Deleted Account · Guest

    It suggests to me that you insulin doses are not correct.

    If it was me, I would start with a basal test to check your Tresiba dose is correct.
    (If you Google "basal test", there are a number of pages describing this.)

    Once, I was happy with my basal, I would move on to my bolus - carb count and inject for each meal. As you suggest, you may need to tweak you 1:10 ratio... and bear in mind your insulin to carb ratios may differ at different times of the day.
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