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Eating problems

Discussion in 'Eating disorders and diabetes' started by lalacakez, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. lalacakez

    lalacakez Type 1 · Active Member

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    I've been using this app to count calories and I've set my dream goal and it gave me a limit on how much calories I should have and not to go over it I've almost reached my goal the problem is I'm an emotional eater at times I will spoil and eat then feel horrible the next second so i will workout and push myself till I pass out and feel I've burned off the fat and calories sometimes the days I over eat the next day I won't really eat I'll just have water and a few small amount of fruits nuts and salty treats if i eat 5 salted peanuts i freak out then I feel disgusted and workout being type 1 ik the sugar drops when you work but I do have juice but then after I feel like I cheated myself and drink water mix splenda hoping it would work with lows but it doesn't it's like an emotional roller coaster and i don't know if i should talk about it with my dr or not he seems happy I dropped the weight and weigh less before I was really obese well the chart said obese not over weight on the bmi chart for my age and height I'm 5'6 I'm still eating less and more it's like a battle if I gain weight I get more upset and push my self even harder i don't know what to do sometimes i will take laxatives or prune to make me sweat and lose more weight I'm still not happy with my current weight it's still not enough and I'm not happy i need to lose more weight every time I look in the mirror no matter how many times my family says I look good I don't believe it i still see myself as the fat obese blob that was made fun of every Christmas year who over ate and ate even more because they laughed at me and pointed out i was fat I still see that over weight me before I couldn't even fit into nice clothes like my cousins and friends if you are to big clothing gets expensive and some don't make you look pretty you look like a sausage or a bag of potatoes and your rolls show when i look in the mirror I just see rolls of fat
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  2. DCUKMod

    DCUKMod I reversed my Type 2 · Master
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    @lalacakez - As someone who suffered with an eating disorder, albeit many years ago now, I can identify with some of the things you say about being driven and excesses of both harmful behaviours, and behaviours usually more associated with healthy living, like exercise.

    If you haven't shared your story with your GP, then he will take your trimming up at face value and be pleased for you, I hope. Sometimes doctors are a bit blinkered by a result and not by the journey to arrive at that point. So, I think you probably have to help him out in terms of the darker side of your trimming. Hopefully if you could talk to your Doctor, he might be able to signpost you to some specialist help, because disordered eating does need specialist help.

    I appreciate you aren't in UK, so your routes to healthcare may be a bit different where you are.

    You say that you would like to trim up some more. The only comment I would make is that it can take our minds a little while to catch up with our bodies in terms of how we look. It can take a while before we really see the "new us", so don't be too driven to continue losing, unless you are in dangerously unhealthy territory, and it doesn't seem you are.

    Would you be able to try to cut yourself a deal with yourself to set a goal that could be of maintaining your current position, but my healthier means? If after a period of stabilisation (and learning, or relearning how to maintain a stable-state), you might be better placed to think about how to tackle the next stage of your life.

    Good luck with it all. I'll tag @jacqfromdwed and @asortafairytale who are both very experienced in diabetes with eating disorders. I'm not sure if they're around much at the moment, but you might also find some useful information over here:


    If ever I can help, please just tag me.
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