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Got the good news today

Discussion in 'Newly Diagnosed' started by krazus, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. MaryJ

    MaryJ · Well-Known Member

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    When you visit the GP mention re getting a meter and strips and quote the NICE guidleines - take a printout with you. It states (something along the lines of) strips should be given if the patient is pro-active in the management of their diabetes and its part of their education.

    Also point out that you would expect to reduce the testing once you know how different foods affect you.

    A tip - if they agree to put strips on prescription still buy some for yourself. - REASON - you will be testing LOADS in the beginning (a box of 50 wont last you very long), if you can make a prescription last a month it will relax them so they may not stop them too soon in the future. Stay under the radar.

    Mary x
  2. krazus

    krazus · Active Member

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    hi folks

    quick update, saw the dietitian, pretty much what i expected, seemed surprised when i mentioned the NHS party line of carbs for people that cannot process carbs. stuck to the old...you still need carbs, just reduce them (But have some with every meal).
    also was not very helpful about the monitor... she said some people can become obsessive, which is another reason to not give one, and actually said, if they gave me one people might find out and others would want one...

    wife and i both agree NHS are talking ****. but she still doesnt want me eating loads of saturated fats... hopefully we can meet in the middle somewhere. :thumbup:

    going to try the docs again on tuesday, if no joy, letters to my local NHS trust (RDASH) NICE and MP... might also get others involved as I am a Veteran... attack from more than one direction.
  3. Cultivator

    Cultivator · Active Member

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    Thanks everyone - particularly xyzzy :) From my own experience I would tend to agree that the standard non-diabetic dietary advice just doesn't work. I have always eaten a reasonably , low fat, lean meat, steamed fish, fresh fruit and veg, brown rice and muesli kind of diet (although I admit I have always eaten too much of it!) Cutting out the sugar and the quantities in general helped a bit but I have never seen a blood glucose reading below 5.5 (more usually 6.5 or 7.5 ) in 4 years until I found this site and went for the cut out virtually all carbs and gorge myself on cheese and cream and bacon and eggs option about a month ago. Since then I have had regular 5's - even the odd 4.9 and nothing much above 6.9 (leaving aside the stressy incident with the horribly unreliable and scaremongering Codefree meter!) I have started having a slice of burgen bread every now and again and I had half a banana last night with no ill effects but there's still a way to go with experimenting with other carbs (new freestyle strips to collect from surgery tomorrow :) )
    It is hard to get my head around the idea of eating lots of fat given that I have a good 4 stone of extra weight to worry about too - BUT... I do seem to have lost about 2-3 kg (depending what time of day I weigh myself and whether I am holding my breath) in the last month so, if that keeps on happening, I won't complain. My G.P website directs me to all sorts of sites offering very standard looking advice about having a third of the plate made up of carbs and cutting out all fat, so I don't think I'll be telling them what I am doing until they ask how I have managed to achieve such impressive results when I go back in December!!

    I do agree with Krazus though that it is a shame it is all the expensive stuff! :sick: A couple of slices of toast and marmite for breakfast, a banana mid morning and a sandwich at lunch was a lot sheaper - but its no wonder my HBA1c was creeping up and up. Ham and cream for me from now on - and to be honest, I am saving money on all those sneaky kit kats !!

    If anyone is still with me (sorry for going on so..) What is the deal with alcohol? I have got the impression that it lowers blood glucose (not beer, obviously, and sadly) but is a glass of red wine with a meal a good thing? how about 2 glasses?? or Wine without a meal? Or spirits ?? :angel: I've been steering clear and treating myself with sugar free jelly and cream - but, if it really lowers bg, is it a Good Thing then???

    cheers (maybe!)
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