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Gym routines and pumping

Discussion in 'Insulin Pump Forum' started by albannach2, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. albannach2

    albannach2 · Active Member

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    Hi All
    Need your help again ?! I've been on a pump now for a few months and have to say it was a good decision, finding things much easier. Im about to start using the gym again but would welcome some advice on roughly how much to drop my basal dose for a 40 mins cardio gym routine. I know everyone is different etc, but can anyone give me a rough figure to start from? Many thanks
  2. hanadr

    hanadr · Expert

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    I don't know this one, but would it be an idea to work up to it? Then you could work it out gradually.
    40 minutes sounds a lot if you haven't been doing it.
    I've had a week off and 45 minutes on the easyline circuit shattered me this morning.
  3. kegstore

    kegstore · Well-Known Member

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    Very careful fine tuning! I go for a ride on my bike most weeks, for around 30 minutes and drop basal rate to 50% for 1 hour before during and after the exercise. I usually have a piece of fruit before and a biscuit after as well. Provided I don't exert myself TOO much, I can normally keep a relatively flat bg throughout and after the ride, the advantage being for me is that I have CGM so can check this every couple of minutes if need be. But this is purely what works for me, so take care :).
  4. Steveee

    Steveee · Active Member

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    It all depends on how much work you are going to do :wink:

    For me, I do approx 15 mins hard cardio then a lot of weights - approximately 16 - 18 tons.

    My routine is normally:

    Check BG - if normal I have small box of raisens before I start (approx 10gms)
    Drop basal to 40% for 1 hour.
    After I finish check BG again and adjust accordingly, i.e. small carb to bring BG up if low.

    Check BG again in 1-2 hours. You may even see BG jump up if you have dropped the basal too low.
  5. bonerp

    bonerp · Well-Known Member

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    I generally don't bother changing mine now. I have tried allsorts but sometimes would drop and other times go high.

    I now aim for about 10-12 bg before, take some protein before and after and do 2 tests: one an hour after and another hour to two after that.
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