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Hot Weather and Hypoglycaemia

Discussion in 'Type 1 Diabetes' started by iHs, Jun 29, 2015.

  1. iHs

    iHs · Well-Known Member

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    Hi everyone who uses insulin, especially the newbies.....

    In very hot temperatures, insulin tends to work much quicker due to blood vessels dilating so beware of low bg levels and test bg a bit more and probably best to play safe and reduce twice daily by 1 or 2u or if on basal/bolus....reduce the basal by 1 or 2u. Drink plenty of fluids and use a fan if need be. I will be doing a TBR on my pump.

    All the best and be safe
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  2. encore1332

    encore1332 Type 1 · Well-Known Member

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    thanks for that, was wondering why I have had a couple of hypos over the last few days. Hopefully this is why.
  3. Ledzeptt

    Ledzeptt Type 3c · Well-Known Member

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    Thanks iHs. I've seen the advice about travelling to hot countries, but wasn't sure it applied to Manchester!

    It explains an unexpected low BG yesterday. I compensated by eating more carbs at breakfast this morning (an extra Weetabix) and that did the trick today (supposed to be hotter than Rio).

    I will take your advice to test more often and drink more.

    Cheers and enjoy the sunshine whilst it lasts.
  4. leeemerick

    leeemerick Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    Was getting very low before lunch where Im usually good.

    Very hot in the office so that explains it!
  5. GoRachel1989

    GoRachel1989 Type 1 · Active Member

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    Thanks... I suspected that there was a relationship between hot weather and blood sugar levels.

    I don't bother adjusting my dose for "hot days" because where I live, the days are generally hot anyway.
  6. Xtrius

    Xtrius Type 1 · Member

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    I had several hypoglycaemia crisis in the last month. One was a serious "dead in bed".I am still wondering how I survived. Officially I have to make three Novo Rapid shots and one Lantus per day. I'm a diabetic since 1986. Now I am 46 years old. I have lost 22 kilos in the last twelve months. I am not able to calibre myself with my new weight and the necessary insulin doses.
    About insulin and hot weather: it's not much to say about it. Just don't misinterpret the sweating... The rest is just ordinary diabetes stuff.
  7. patchworks101

    patchworks101 LADA · Active Member

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    Like GoRachel1989 it's normally hotter here than the UK but last night was exceptional (45c !!) and would explain why I needed a cereal bar to bring my BG back up before I went to bed. Was in hospital so I suppose I was in the best place if I had gone hypo :rolleyes:
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