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Here is the problem: I didn't see the data from last 3 months on libreview. I moved from NZ to Canada and changed the app so I think this was the problem. So I called customer service to ask how to solve this problem and make the data appear in libreview. By phone I was advised to delete account in libreview and create a new one, so I was stupid enough to follow and have done it and... obviously all data from previous years and last 3 months was deleted forever. Do you know if this is possible to restore the data or is it permanently lost?

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Probably only Abbott would know the answer, but I wouldn't expect much help from them.

Did you have to create a new account when you changed from NZ to Canada? There is a small chance they that have different accounts per region and that if you go to (possibly in a new private browser window) and say that your country code is back in NZ that it might allow you to log back into your old account.