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My issues and my brother

Discussion in 'Ask A Question' started by Triceraptors, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. Triceraptors

    Triceraptors · Well-Known Member

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    Hello guys, I have written before about my stumbling into low carb diet, diabetes scares and so on.

    I am now in a different country, went to another endo who agreed with previous endo remarks on my diet causing high spikes of glucose. I am seeing another doctor who should provide more light on my pancreas function.

    I have a blood glucose meter, that I was trying to not use for a while. For instance, having eaten today chicken and some veggies, I went to 5.4 which is fine.

    My brother does not have such anxiety issues and eats normal diet. Jokingly, I told him to try to measure BG. It was after large portion of rice, and 4 tortillas with chicken and vegetables. Tons of carbs. He was at 11.1 at 30 minutes. Is it normal or should I be worried about this as well? He does not have any blood glucose tests done but he seems to be spiking quite up there after high carb meal (note he feels fine). Should this be further explored? I recall that data say people don't go very high like that after meals.
  2. Bluetit1802

    Bluetit1802 Type 2 · Oracle

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    It is pointless testing an hour after a carb heavy meal like that. Even the healthiest person would spike. Best to test before he eats and 2 hours later. If higher than 7.8, test again half hourly until it drops.
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  3. ExtremelyW0rried

    ExtremelyW0rried Type 1 · Well-Known Member

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    It is high however after a lot of carbs it may not be out of the ball park if he's coming back down fast.
    To be honest I'm starting to think that a lot of non diabetics can have these short lived spikes and it's more common that you might think because most non diabetics don't check!
    Certainly cgm has shown that non diabetics often reach levels higher than the holy grail of 7.8 - but crucially they drop down to normal levels very quickly.
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  4. Prem51

    Prem51 Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    As @Bluetit1802 says, there isn't any point on testing just 30 minutes after eating.
    These are the figures he should be getting at least 90 minutes after eating:

    target levels.jpg
  5. kokhongw

    kokhongw I reversed my Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    Here is a 2009 baseline CGM study with healthy Chinese subjects for your consideration.


    Glucose readings that goes way above 126mg/dl (7 mmols) would suggest to me that 1st phase insulin response may be weaken/compromised. And if no change in diet is made, the effect would be cumulative and results in exhausted beta cells.
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