Neuropathy help


So I’m currently on Gabapebtin but I would rather try natural medicine and remedies does anyone have any advice? Thank you all :)


Sorry, I don’t know of any herbal remedies but do use a hot tub and a Mira 360 shower head for back pain. Depending on what you are suffering from look into swimming or aqua aerobics (be careful you don’t injure yourself) and make sure you talk to the instructor before you begin. Water is great as you weigh zero if not touching the bottom. I understand that many medical conditions benefit from aqua aerobics. It’s great as you also don’t get sweaty!
My journey started with spinal injury and nerve problems which I use pregablin for along with the hot tub and shower. I used aqua fit pre an operation in August 2019 successfully. Don’t forget hot water bottles or cold compresses which can also be helpful.
I’m told that Pilates is good too but it must be body control Pilates .
I’m recently diagnosed with diabetes as I was blaming all my ailments on my back!
Apologies if you know all this already.
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