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New Libre User

Discussion in 'Type 1 Diabetes' started by LyndsayM, May 16, 2019.

  1. LyndsayM

    LyndsayM · Member

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    Afternoon. T1 diagnosed 10 days ago and I’ve been lucky enough to get a Libre. Any tips and hints for me please?
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  2. Deleted Account

    Deleted Account · Guest

    Welcome to the type 1 team and well done on getting the Libre.
    My tips and hints would be
    - take a good look around the www.diabetes.co.uk site. There is loads of information there
    - take a look at the Type 1 diabetes R US thread. It may seem a little daunting but it has been a godsend for many of us with type 1 to have someone to chat to who understands
    - remember 90 to 95% of people with diabetes have type 2. This is reflected on the forum. But type 2 is a different condition to type 1 and treated differently. This means that not everything you read will be applicable. For example, many people in the forum with type 2 diabetes have found they can manage their condition with diet alone by restricting the carbs they eat. Whereas many of us with type 1 find it easier to match our insulin dose with the carbs and have not changed our diet
    - type 1 diabetes is not always predictable. Don't get disheartened when things don't go as you expect. The Type 1 diabetes R US thread will show you how people with 30, 40 or more years experience still have days where diabetes does not behave as you expect.
    - with the Libre the first 24 hours after not as accurate. This is because your body is fighting this foreign object that has been inserted into it. THerefore, many of us insert our Libre the day before we activate it ... which could mean we have one active Libre in one arm and one in waiting on the other arm.
    - the Libre is not always accurate. Remember to regularly test it against finger prick readings. I was told to finger prick at least once a day
    - the Libre is most accurate above 4 and below 8. If you get a reading outside this range, test with a finger prick.
    - the Libre can report low when you put pressure on it. This most often happens when you lie on it in your sleep. So, if it is always reporting a hypo whilst you are sleeping, you may need to set an alarm and waking yourself up to test in the middle of the night to confirm the Libre readings
    - the Libre is incredibly useful for the trends. You can see what impact different foods have on your BG and how long after eating they have this impact. You can see what impact exercise has on your BG. You can see if your BG remains steady when you are not eating or exercise ... and adjust your basal accordingly.
    - I am sure there are other tips but I will leave with the one I was told by my DSN when I was first diagnosed - diabetes should not stop you doing what you want. I have tested this many times and can confirm, it may require a little bit of preparation but it doesn't stop me from travelling around the world, trekking in the Himalayas, tracking gorillas, doing a skydive, ... and more.
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  3. MEValentijn

    MEValentijn Type 2 · Active Member

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    My fiance and I both use it, and he has Type 1 as well (I don't). It measures glucose in interstitial fluid instead of blood, so measurements from the Libre can be substantially different at times, as well as delayed. Eg, it will frequently say he's low, but he feels fine and his finger testing shows his blood sugar is already rising. We've both had our high results (around 20) be a couple points lower with finger testing, so there's likely some inaccuracy with very high readings. His specialist told him to rely on it more for trends (going up or going down or holding steady) rather than the exact measurement.

    The reports it compiles can be very useful. Inputting carbs and med use is a bit clunky though.
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  4. porl69

    porl69 Type 1 · Well-Known Member

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    Hi @LyndsayM and welcome to the club. Can't really add much to what @helensaramay has already said. You will have a thousand and 1 questions to ask. Ask away when something comes up :)
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