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Newly Diagnosed at Week 37

Discussion in 'Gestational Diabetes' started by harpo14, Dec 27, 2017.

  1. harpo14

    harpo14 Gestational · Newbie

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    I was diagnosed, last week, at week 37 with gestational diabetes. Thing is although they say it usually goes away after delivery I am not confident. My parents were both diabetic - and at this moment in time my mother is in hospital and had an arterial bypass in her leg and and amputation of all toes on left foot due to an infection and not seeking medical help with her condition for many many years. My brother is also diabetic (all type 2) and in recent months has been told he has damage to his retina due to the condition.

    I'm very vulnerable to this condition and I feel mixed emotions about the diagnosis. That it means giving up any foods that don't taste bland as hell! That I'll have to give up many of the foods and drinks I like. But I also do not want to end up like my mother is. I am pretty sure that I have not been picked up before on this because lets face it, it's not hard to pass a simple blood test - just avoid sugar till its over! But I failed the glucose tolerance test.

    I know that they will do the glucose test again 6 weeks after delivery. So my question I guess is, is there any way to make sure the condition does go away after delivery? How can I make sure I pass that test? I feel that I am very limited at the moment because I am now just 2 weeks before my due date. Dieting and trying to loose weight is not really an option and it's sore to walk, let alone exercise... And after baby is born the focus is on him... how to get fit & strong enough to ensure I do not actually become diabetic after, whilst at the same time coping with the demands of being a new parent, and baring in mind possible heeling time after giving birth.

    Or is it a case of it's inevitable I will fail the next test and be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes?
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  2. himtoo

    himtoo Type 1 · Well-Known Member
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    hi there lovely @harpo14 welcome to the forum.

    after just reading your post -- my first thought is for you to just concentrate on you , and your baby.

    of course there may be things to think about , worry about . and possibly take action with regards to a possible D diagnosis going forward.

    for the next period of time you should just concentrate on your immediate family.

    it sounds as though some relatives have not made great decisions regarding their future health-- all the power is in your hands going forward--- try to relax and stay calm for you and your baby's sake.

    there will be lots of people able to advise any possible lifestyle changes ( should they be needed ) -- but for now -- justhink Mum and Baby .

    all the best for your impending birth
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  3. archersuz

    archersuz Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    Harpo47 It's not about passing or failing a test! Even if you 'pass' the next test, you will still be at a greater risk of being diagnosed with T2 in the future. I had gestational diabetes 21 years ago and am now newly diagnosed with T2.

    Enjoy your baby. But think about making changes to your diet and lifestyle when you are fit and able. Don't try to lose weight immediately especially if you are breast feeding. You need to take care of yourself and the baby, so will need to eat healthily and get enough calories. Having a new baby is hard work without dieting.
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