No Victoza! What Have You Got Instead?


Type of diabetes
Type 2
Treatment type
Non-insulin injectable medication (incretin mimetics)
I have been on Victoza for 1.5 years and have been very healthy compared to my pre Diagnosis of Type 2.
I did take 1.2 daily in the morning and do not eat any sugars etc and bloods were fine.

I have been put on Metformin SR and all my old symptoms are back again, Terrible Diarrhoea, Thrush, High Blood Sugar.
Victoza won't be available again until June next year according to the makers.

What would be a good drug to ask to go on to that is available in the UK please?

My Doctors do not answer any messages and have not discussed any of this with me.
Doctors are useless when it comes to Diabetes Drugs, always Metformin :-(