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Not sure what to think

Discussion in 'Type 2 Diabetes' started by millie_uk, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. millie_uk

    millie_uk · Active Member

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    I was diagnosed Type 2 on 10th May but have probably had diabetes for a few years without knowing.
    My diet was pretty bad the past year and my bg must have been soaring. I was careful for a couple of days before the fasting test which came back as 11.

    I found this forum and cut the carbs way back. Have cut bread, rice, pasta, potatoes (apart from one small Jersey Royal) and all 'rubbish' completely out of my diet.
    I am eating mainly chicken, duck, fish, cold meats, eggs, cheese, veg such as mushrooms, brocolli, cauliflower, courgette, peppers, a little onion, leeks, some red meat, lettuce, spincah, greens, small amount of tomatoes, no more than one or two Finns thin crispbread a day, sugar free jelly, cream, a few pickled onions, cabbage, almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds. Drinking mainly water and enjoying some red wine at weekends.
    Having the odd Americano with a splash of milk.
    On perhaps 3 occasions since diagnosis I have had about 6 chips and had battered fish twice but removed the batter.

    However, I do enjoy a decent portion of food and would struggle on meagre amounts.
    I am fairly large but have lost 3 stone since Christmas, 2 stone of this was lost before diagnosis, when I had symptoms. Since then I have lost 1 stone.

    My problem is, I bought a meter, accu chek mobile and test first thing in the morning and before and after meals.
    I am not on any medication yet. The nurse said it will be diet and exercise for three months and then see what will happen.
    My fasting ranges from 6.9 to 9.0 and after meals can be from 8 to 10.3
    I haven't had any readings over 10.9 since my incident with the handful of cherries which sent me to 15.6 and that was about 4 weeks ago.

    I am not sure if I will get my readings down on diet alone and not sure what tablets I will be put on.

    I felt the nurse wasn't much help at all. I explained to her about the high spike with the cherries and the porridge and blueberries but her argument was that it is beneficial to eat those foods. I said it couldn't possibly be beneficial walking around all day with a high BG.
    She then said don't test and I argued that I wouldn't want to be eating the diet she sugested and then having bg in the 20's all day.

    She then said that diabetes is progressive so in a couple of years I would obviously be on higher medication even though they haven't given me any yet.
    Then she said I would get a prescription for statins because they just give them to every diabetic now and don't bother about whether the cholesterol is high or not, every diabetic just gets it.

    She said she knows carbs send bg up but it's important to eat foods that are 'good' for you. I argued the point and she eventually listened!!

    So, am i likely to get the bg down a bit once on tablets?
    6.7 has been my lowest reading since I started testing 4 weeks ago.
    Most readings are in the low 8's
    I am losing around a pound a week in weight. I don't want to rush this and want to do it steadily. I have been using ceylon cinnamon and virgin coconut oil, no idea if these are beneficial or not, wonder what others think of them?

    I really am glad to have discovered this site because everything makes so much more sense here. I haven't even missed all the foodstuffs I was having before and that has a lot to do with reading everyones posts and picking up hints and tips along the way.
    I haven't had any of my diabetic symptoms since two days after diagnosis which proves to me that changing the diet helped a lot already.
  2. SouthernGeneral6512

    SouthernGeneral6512 · Well-Known Member

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    It does seem incredible that she's happy for you to eat foods that send you BS soaring :eh:
  3. dawnmc

    dawnmc Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    Just keep doing what you are doing and ignore her.
  4. cuillie

    cuillie · Well-Known Member

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    Well this advice just beggars belief!!, I waould arm yourself with all the information you can, lots on this site, and ignore the nurse.
    Does she she specialise in diabetes I wonder? Your'e doing well, and hats off to you for getting your readings down, just keep at it :clap:
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous · Guest

    Hi Millie,

    It sounds like you have made a good start. Having an poorly informed DSN isn't a very exclusive club I'm afraid so you'll just have to push on and prove her wrong.

    Whether you will need meds is difficult to know at this stage, though if you are offered Metformin then you should at least consider it, because it has other benefits over and above reducing your fasting levels by 0.5-1 point (roughly). It also (I think - correct me if anyone knows different) entitles you to free prescriptions across the board. Do you get test strips on prescription?

    Moving your numbers down does take time though so don't get disheartened. You also said that you've got a bit of weight to lose. As you lose weight you're likely to lose some insulin resistance, which will improve your numbers further. You should also find exercise more enjoyable/easier (that sounds a bit patronising - not meant to be) which also brings your numbers lower.

    Ignore the nurse, eat to your meter and keep on doing what you're doing. It really works - ask anyone here.
  6. hanadr

    hanadr · Expert

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    HCPS!! they all think T2D is progressive and if you follow their advice, it is!
    It has been shown many times that low carbing and TIGHT control arrests progression.
  7. millie_uk

    millie_uk · Active Member

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    I live in Scotland so all presecriptions are free across the board. My doctor doesn't give meters or test strips unless you are likely to have hypos, according to the nurse. I bought the accu chek but it's £20 for a 50 test cassette and then you have to buy the lancet barrels. It's a convenient meter, easy to use but fairly expensive to use.

    I agree with everyone here. The reduced carbs definitely takes the bg down and I feel so much better since i started apart from being a bit tired some days but not too bad.

    I am not sure if thyroid has anything to do with bg but 12 years ago I had to have a scan done on my neck when i had a cyst (they weren't sure at the time what it was) and the consultant said I had a 7mm nodule on my thyroid but this was never mentioned again and never checked again. I mentioned it to the nurse last month and she said she would take a blood test - I am still waiting!

    They seem to offer a good service for check ups though because she said I will get my retina checked and she has already requested that and a kidney function test done and she mentioned other things and said I will be seen every month until I my bg is within the required levels and then every six months thereafter if all seems well.

    It's disappointing though that these nurses are promoting eating large amounts of carbohydrtates. My friends husband is T2 and on 3 different tablets, he has had T2 for several years and even taking 8 tablets a day his bg is 9.3 fasting. He has been given three months for improvements before they try something else. I have not yet told them about my diagnosis but will do and will inform him of this site and the lower carb eating.
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