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There have recently been a number of thread closures / edits in diet related sub-forums - due to bickering and derailment. Concerns have been raised about this by members and within the moderation team.

After due consideration the moderation team would like to remind all posters of the Forum Mission Statement/Objective:

“The Diabetes Forum helps people improve their understanding and management of diabetes - regardless of type. By connecting people and engaging with each other, people's' health outcomes get better.”

Without wishing to regurgitate the entire forum ethos and rules, which can be found in the signature of all moderators and also here: we would like to emphasise the following:

Debate is healthy and welcomed on the forum and we do not wish to stifle it. Please help by ensuring:
  • You are polite and respectful of those who may not share your opinion.
  • Use context. Explain whether you are talking from personal experience, or quote references to help others judge for themselves the validity of the advice for their own situation.
  • If you believe something to be factually incorrect, say so politely and provide evidence for that opinion.

Cross-posting (by Type1s on Type2 threads, meat eaters on vegetarian threads and vice versa) is allowed, but must be done with care. Please help by:
  • Disclosing that you come from a different standpoint so that it is clear to all, especially those who may not be so familiar with the use of signatures, sub-fora and so on (and how to access that information).
  • Taking extra care to respect difference.
Thread derailment, particularly in the form of bickering, ‘point scoring’ or otherwise commenting in a way that is unhelpful to the original poster is not allowed. Please help by:
  • Not repeating old disagreements. Stick to the specific question being addressed in the original post.
  • Taking any private disagreements to personal message.
  • Starting a new thread if you’d like to discuss a point that has arisen on the thread in more detail. No harm in linking to that thread so that others with a similar interest know where to find it.
Needless to say, where members are deemed to be bickering/becoming argumentative or otherwise derailing a thread, thread bans will be issued, and if necessary further sanctions placed on member accounts.

Please do also bear in mind the limitations of the written word. Not everyone has the same ability to express themselves with absolute accuracy (language barriers, different cultures, different styles of expression), therefore giving someone the benefit of the doubt, and being aware of tone when composing your own messages will help maintain an open, friendly forum.

Finally. If you see a post that you feel does not meet these criteria. Please report it at the earliest stage. This means the moderation team are best able to respond and will aid the smooth running of the forum.
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