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Tempted but scared

Discussion in 'Eating disorders and diabetes' started by nessals946, Apr 19, 2018.

  1. Mel dCP

    Mel dCP Type 1 · Well-Known Member

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    I was 24 when I was diagnosed in ‘98, following a nasty dose of gastric flu. I’d lost a few pounds, but nothing drastic, there wasn’t time for that to kick in - and I thought it was due to the gastric flu anyway. They did a urine test, declared I was producing golden syrup and packed me off to hospital. I had to get my PhD supervisor to take me, as I was too wobbly for the bus! I was a few hundred miles from home, so couldn’t call on my family. So I suppose I was lucky they caught it when they did - my consultant is pretty sure that the gastric flu was what caused my immune system to go into overdrive and eat my pancreas, and fast. In the 20 years since, I’ve suddenly developed all sorts of allergies, with no warning. Oilseed pollen, hair dye, and in the last couple of years, mammal meat, then bird meat and more recently cow dairy. It’s like when my immune system decides it doesn’t like something, it does it quickly and in spectacular fashion!
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  2. nessals946

    nessals946 Type 1 · Well-Known Member

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    That was me! Diagnosed in 1975 at age 6,it was archaic and nothing like today.I relied on my parents of course.
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  3. ickihun

    ickihun Type 2 · Master

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    Me too unless I do low carb no cheese, butter, cream and nuts or too heavy fats.
  4. jacqfromdwed

    jacqfromdwed Type 1 · DWED Support

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    Hi Guys, we have moved most of our support over to facebok and you are welcome to join our group over there at anypoint should you feel the need, you can access it by simply searching for the charity facebook page, we've had loads of issues getting notifications from the forum and as part timers we don't have the resources to keep up with new threads on this forum. Please please though pay attention to the stickies, we don't allow talk of weight numbers or dress sizes as it is potentially very triggering for people who come across these posts and it is also really unhelpful when trying to recover.

    In terms of being tempted to fall back into diabulimia I recommend you get yourself some psychological help as soon as possible, Diabulimia NEVER ends well, whether that's putting all the weight back on, bringing on complications or dying. You know this though, you've already been through it. So have I multiple times and as I said it never ends well. Diabulimia doesn't 'kick start' anything other than mental illness.
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  5. asortafairytale

    asortafairytale · DWED Support
    Staff Member

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    Facebook support group for people in the UK with experience (those with past history welcome) of T1ED or/and Diabulimia: https://www.facebook.com/groups/T1EDUK/
    Support group for friends, family and carers of people with T1ED: https://www.facebook.com/groups/T1EDFFCsupport/

    The groups are closed so nobody outside of the group will see your posts.
    #25 asortafairytale, May 31, 2018 at 7:51 AM
    Last edited: May 31, 2018
  6. ExtremelyW0rried

    ExtremelyW0rried Type 1 · Well-Known Member

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    My weight has been up and down over the years. T1 for 25 years now. The heaviest I’ve been has been around 10st and the lightest 7 stone. I’m 5 foot 5.

    The only way I manage to stay reasonably slim is by not eating. Like at all. And even then I’m fatter than you’d think I would be for what I’m eating.
    I’m on a pump and have around 16-18u total daily. I eat perhaps one or two pieces of toast a day and perhaps a couple of low carb snacks. Currently my weight is 8st 2lbs but I’d like to lose another half a stone. Really I need to tone up as my arms and thighs are still fat but I find inevitably exercise leads to low or unpredictable sugars. I try to walk a lot though.
    If I eat anything like a ‘normal’ person eats - three meals a day - I get fat and quickly.
    I don’t know why being diabetic seems to make us more prone to putting on weight, I have been told background insulin encourages weight gain but I only take novarapid in my pump. Some people say ALL types of insulin encourage weight gain. Some people will tell you that isn’t true.
    My t1 dad eats very very little and is still overweight.
    It truly sucks. However not bolusing and eating runs a real risk of DKA and then when you’re over that the weight will likely go back on anyway.
    There is no good answer.
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