Type 3c medication

Jaded Judi

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Type of diabetes
Type 2
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Tablets (oral)
I take creon which helps and have recently been put on insulin, humulin 19 units per day. They took me off gliclazide and now take dapagliflozin 5mg per day. I can't tolerate metformin it upset my tum even more than it is already!! However I have noticed that since coming off glicazide my blood sugars have gone up a bit more again. They took me off it as said it made my pancreas work harder and it made me put on weight. I am not under weight, slightly over really!!
My question is what medication are most of you type 3cs on.
Thankfully I have never had pancreatitis or any medical issues apart from EPI diagnosed 10 years ago with diabetes diagnosed a few years earlier, but have had bad tum issues since childhood.
Thank you