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Type 3c post-Whipple - It’s all new to me

Discussion in 'Newly Diagnosed' started by Quilt61, Aug 22, 2020.

  1. Quilt61

    Quilt61 · Member

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    Having had acute Pancreatitis in 2017, then had a Pancreatic bypass (Whipple Procedure) in 2019, i had a 4 week period of drinking everything I could; be it water or fizzy drinks, constantly urinating( up several times) in the night), dry mouthed, etc, my wifemade me an appointment with the Doctor( I kept forgetting),so I had a urine test. My GP called me first thing the next morning and sent me off for blood tests at the local A&E urgently. I had the blood tests and was admitted (for 3 days, a bit of a shock) I have now been diagnosed with T1 Diabetes secondary to the Whipple op.
    Just managing to get dosages right, too early for me to play with units until I get a hang of it.
    It’s actually quite scary, and to be honest I’m not normally scared, so many questions that one never asks- I woke up took my blood test-12.4, took my tablets( Creon, omaprozole, metformin) took my Lantus (30 units) then took my nova rapid? Because I wanted a cup of tea(with half a sugar-is that allowed?) and a slice of toast with butter. Then about 3 hours later, I wanted some more toast- with a scraping of jam- is that allowed, should I have taken another dose of nova rapid?, only been 1 day out of hospital and it’s getting like I’m frightened to eat
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    #1 Quilt61, Aug 22, 2020 at 10:57 AM
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2020
  2. VashtiB

    VashtiB Type 2 · Moderator
    Staff Member

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    Hello and welcome.

    That sounds really scary. I'm a type 2 so not much help with advice but would like to offer a virtual hug. It will not be long before some of the awesome type 1s on here will be able to give some advice. However, in the meantime seeking medical advice is also a good idea- try a local emergency centre or something where hopefully they can give a bit more help. It is frustrating that you weren't given sufficient guidance.

    Good luck.
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  3. Brunneria

    Brunneria Other · Moderator
    Staff Member

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    Hi and welcome!

    how are you doing now?

    I’m so sorry that you haven’t had many responses so far. Your question must have slipped rapidly down the new posts list in the bustle of yesterday afternoon.

    developing insulin dependent diabetes following a Whipple surgery is called Type 3c diabetes, rather than type 1. And I am kind of shocked that your surgeon didn’t warn you that diabetes was a likely (inevitable?) outcome of the surgery.

    3c is a relatively rare form of D, so you may find that Some members are wary of offering advice, because their own experiences are rather different.

    So I will alter the name of your thread to include ‘post Whipple T3c’ which should help people in the same situation as yourself find you.

    you may also find it useful to read this section of the forum, which is specifically for T3cs.

    have a hug.
    You have had a heck of a lot to deal with, and are still on the steep part of the learning curve.
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  4. Goonergal

    Goonergal Type 2 · Moderator
    Staff Member

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    Hi there @Quilt61 and welcome to the forum

    Sounds like you’ve had a really rough time. I can’t help myself but am tagging @Tophat1900 another member with type 3c. He’s based in Australia so not sure when he’ll see this.
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  5. Tophat1900

    Tophat1900 Type 3c · Well-Known Member

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    I also have T3c.... it's a tricky thing to live with, but you do work things out gradually. And you have made the right decision with insulin in not trying to get perfect blood glucose control straight away. It takes time to get a real good idea of how things work for you.

    It's a bit different for everyone, as is are the reasons for becoming T3c. It's not a simple case of we all got this way the same way. Managing your insulin and diet is imo the key to getting good, safe numbers and stability. NO idea if you've been taught to carb count, but I'm assuming they gave you a starting dose and I'd hope they informed you of what to do if having a hypo. Basically you need sugar, coke cola or similar, fruit juices, jelly beans, gummies etc are go to hypo treatments. The only thing that matters in a hypo is that you reverse those dropping numbers and get out of one. It is an emergency situation. They are not pleasant, can be quite frightening, but making sure you always take hypo treatments where every you go means you can treat one where ever you are. And being prepared helps reduce the fear just after diagnosis.

    I never leave home without my insulin, meter and treatment for a hypo.

    It sounds like you have a lot of questions about insulin use, you really need to speak to whomever is handling your diabetes and get them to answer them. It just doesn't sound like you've been told much. We can't advise on dosing. It goes against forum rules. It's pretty much a 'do no harm' kind of rule.

    There are other T3c's on here who are in a similar position to you in regards to how you became T3c who could probably help with advice, but there are not a lot of us. It's just not as common a condition as T2 or T1.

    I'd be calling about those insulin concerns asap. Good luck, we all need a little.
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