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What's your daily routine?

Discussion in 'Type 1 Diabetes' started by emilyj17, Jan 16, 2017.

  1. emilyj17

    emilyj17 Type 1 · Member

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    I'm not new to diabetes, but I'm relatively new to controlling my condition. After struggling with burnout for a couple of years I finally seem to be getting back on track.
    After studying and then working shifts that were at different times everyday, I haven't had a daily schedule for a long time.

    I'm just wondering what other people's daily routine is that helps them manage their diabetes :)
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  2. isjoberg

    isjoberg Type 1 · Well-Known Member

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    Daily routine!! Good question!! I'm in a similar boat to you, different working days depending on the day and the week! But normally
    Give Levemir at 9:30am(ish) (unless I've been working exceptionally late) with novorapid and breakfast (I am trying to get back into the habit of eating breakfast daily to prevent my pre lunch rise).

    Work or no work depending on the day - if work it's just sat in an office, if no work, probably go to the shops or go for a walk. Then lunch before 2pm, hopefully if I am cooking then dosing beforehand so I can slow down the spikes (although sometimes my work provides food with no prior warning as to what is being served so have to dose at the table / cause I spend a lot of time working alone I prefer to run a little high than risking a hypo). Then more work or no work aha evening meal can be anywhere from 5pm or 10pm. Then my evening levimir and off to bed hoping that my late dinner doesn't raise my bg too much overnight!
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  3. Diakat

    Diakat Type 1 · Moderator
    Staff Member

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    Hi @emilyj17. Well done on getting back on track.
    During the week my routine is pretty fixed but at weekends it is chaos.
    Week - up at 6.30 shower, dress, test, inject, breakfast, off to work, test at roughly 1 for lunch unless feel low earlier or am going to be stuck in a meeting. Test again on train home for driving, get home test and inject for dinner at around 7.30. Levemir at 10-ish. Generally bed by 11.
    Weekend, much less rigid and my numbers show it.
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  4. Adam.froud

    Adam.froud Type 1 · Active Member

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    Hi! I'm very new to this, but my current routine is:
    6.30 test, bolus, breakfast then off to work
    12.30-ish test, bolus, lunch
    17.00 test for drive home
    18.00 walk the dog for 1 hour or so
    19.30 test, bolus, dinner
    10.00 basal
    11.00 test, snack if necessary, sleep
    Likewise weekends isn't quite the same but I try to keep to the routine where possible!
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  5. nmr1991

    nmr1991 Type 1 · Well-Known Member

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    no testing, eating what i want, when i want
  6. rockape37

    rockape37 Type 1 · Well-Known Member

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    I always test but i do eat what i want and when i want, but always bolus for it.

    I work shifts 12 hr nights but to be honest my routine is the same. I always test before i go to bed and as soon as i get up. If my sleep is broken ie to use the toilet i test then. Infact i have woken purely because my Bg was low.
    I always test before eating no matter what and then 2 hrs afterwards. Always test before driving as per DVLA rules.
    Also test just before and after any extra activity.
    Its a matter of test test test and more tests but its habitual and required and i feel safe doing so rather than not and waiting for the inevitable to happen.


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  7. alhubb

    alhubb Type 1 · Well-Known Member

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    My routine for weekdays:
    Wake up, shower and get dressed at 0530 and test (as I walk 3 miles to work)
    Lantus at 0745
    Test and Novorapid at 0800 for breakfast
    Test mid morning as I work in a lab and on my feet most of the day
    Test and Novorapid at 1245 for lunch
    Test at 1630 before walking 3 miles home
    Lantus at 1945
    Test and Novorapid at 2000 for dinner

    Weekends are similar, but don't test in between meals unless I am planning to go for a run or a long walk somewhere, or feel low/high
  8. Cumberland

    Cumberland Type 1 · Master

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    6-7 test food bolus

    11-12 test food bolus

    2-3 test food bolus

    6-7 test food bolus

    10-11 test basal
  9. Llinz04

    Llinz04 Type 1 · Well-Known Member

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    I wake up at around 7:45, test then eat breakfast, then test again an hour later.
    I'm then off to the gym at around 9, and i'm there for an hour. Test again straight after coming back, and have lunch at around 12. Test again an hour later, then do whatever that I do in the day, test again before dinner and an hour later.

    My routine varies each day on when I have lectures in term time, and in the holidays, but I try to excercise once a day for an hour or less to keep my sugar levels in the 4-6 area. :joyful:

    Great question to see how everyone's lifestyle is different and see how they live with diabetes! :happy:
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