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why didnt my sugar level go up after a hypo

Discussion in 'Insulin Pump Forum' started by rgarcha, Dec 31, 2009.

  1. Alzibiff

    Alzibiff Type 1 · Well-Known Member

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    Some real and very heartfelt views here - in my 42 year T1 experience, treating hypos requires a lot of discipline. I am sure that I am not the only one to hit the biscuit barrel, sweetie cupboard and bread bin one after another and in rapid succession in order to get BG levels back up to normality as quickly as possible but this is just plain silly and a habit I have finally got out of.

    Suggest you take a look at Jelly Babies as a carry around hypo remedy. They are made of quick acting sugar and glucose syrup and contain just 5g of carbs each. Three of those and another BG test 15 minutes later to see if any more are needed is my advice. They taste much better than those glucose tabs and are easier to carry around than lucozade. (I keep a little plastic bag of them in my pocket wherever I go as well has having some stashed in the car alongside a Lucozade bottle).

  2. Fujifilm

    Fujifilm · Well-Known Member

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    The only problem with jelly baby's is they call out to be eaten. Not only that but they are like lemmings, once one gets eaten they all want eating. I am but one man how can I fight them :lol: :lol:
  3. rgarcha

    rgarcha · Member

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    Hi everyone,

    I thought i update everyone with whats been happening with this situation. As i mentioned before, i keep everyone posted in regards to any investigation, that the DN and doc's will be doing. And i think they have nailed the problem, it's something called gastroparesis, (i think thats how you spell it), its a condition that can be related to diabetes, but not very common. Apparently its nerve damage, but from the organs, in this problem the stomach. I already have nerve damage in my feet and hands, but this is new to me.
    This problem the doc's say can make it very hard to digest food, hence the nutrients doesnt reach the blood as quick as possible, as it should. So when i went hypo, that day, the glucose tablets were sitting in my stomach, longer than normal, thats why my levels taken so long to go up. It also make your levels go mad, one moment your high the next very low for no apparent reason.
    This all makes perfect sense to me now, everything thats been happening to me for the past few years, is all adding up, the highs, the very lows, the hbac1 at 11.5%,the insulin not working according to my food intake, it all makes real sense.
    Has anyone else have the same problem? i be very interested to hear, cos i havent heard of this problem before.

  4. candy1567

    candy1567 · Well-Known Member

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    Hi everyone

    Its been a while since i have posted, due to bein totally peed off with the different views on the carb debate and the constant bickering of some posts.

    But wat i would like to say is and its not about bein a type 1 as I have NO experience of this, but the fact that cugila stated quite rightly how to treat a hypo, and pointed out that this is how medically it should be done. having the correct information is important for treating the condition.

    What i now see is that every post is now aimed at Hana being in the wrong, and while this maybe or not be true, is it fair that we have several posts pointing out this fact, yes we all have an opinion and we should actually read our posts before submitting but, is it fair that everyone has to point this out now wonder she feels like she is bein sniped at.

    Am not taking sides as it was through reading Hana's posts bout the low carb debate which promted me to say enough is enough on this site as she is very pasionate on what she believes in and as i was a newbie felt pressured about the low carb issue (and please lets not start that debate up again!!), but, this thread was about Rav and the problems he is having, does everyone need to reiterate cugila first post in addressing this.

    This is one of the main reasons i stopped posting and visiting the site, although i found it has a mind of useful and supportive information, the attitude that everyone has to jump on the band wagon and join in goes from a simple post to a downright slanging match which is as much use as a chocolate teapot!!!!

    Sorry for taking over ur post Rav and i hope u get things sorted


    this post was not meant to offend anyone on this site at all, as always it is of my own opinion and how it looks to me as an individual,

    Can i also add and i hold my hands up that i didn't check the date on the post only read the thread wen the last one was added my Rav, so the high emotions hav probs calmed down a lot by now, but i do standby what i have written and this is wat i see as a wider problem and why ppl take things so personally
  5. hanadr

    hanadr · Expert

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    I'm standing aside from personal attacks on me, suffice it to say, I wouldn't behave like that to anyone and was only trying to help.
    It wasn't clear that you are an old hand at diabetes and only new to pumping.
    Bernstein has written a fair amount on gastroparesis. I suspect it's not as rare as commonly thought. It is part of the neuropathy syndrome, and we know how common neuropathies are.
    There are treatments for it. and if you have it and suffer a hypo, Glucagon, or injectable( IV?) glucose is likely to be your only possible type of treatment.
    Check with your care team, you may need to turn off your pump for a while too.
    If you have gastroparesis, it's going to be more difficult to keep your numbers under control, because you won't be able to predict when your food will get to your bloodstream.
    Obviously continuous monitoring and a pump are the very best way of handling the problem.
    It may be that, if you don't already keep your carbs under tight control, this could help. It would need smaller doses of insulin. However,as an "old hand" perhaps you do this already?
    wishing you well
  6. jopar

    jopar · Well-Known Member

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    I'm aware that you may feel that you were personally attack, but those of us who mad made comment did so to correct misinformation that could be dangerous to a T1 diabetic, it nothing personal any other forum member who gave the same misinformation would also have recieved the same comments, as we who are the T1 diabetics have a duty to ensure that information that is given by some-one who isn't is correct and will not lead to protential harm..

    Another comment, or should I say a bit of advice, is that you are making comments concerning a piece of equipment that can be used by diabetics, and by your answer you have no working knowledge of this piece of kit otherwise you would know that diabetic that use a insulin pump also carb count as this is totally esentrial part of it working, you can't use a pump with out couting the carbs you eat...

    Also you should be aware if you are so up on Bernstien, that he doesn't condone or advice the use of insulin pumps for diabetics, and he won't treat anybody in his clinic that has one.. Which I do find strange indeed, when he's striffing so hard for perfect control! Perhaps this is because pumps take his ability to control every aspect of the diabetic life who knows...

    I would suggest that you refrain from giving advice and information on a subject area you really don't know enough about, and then we wouldn't have to offend you by being enforced to pick up your misinformation!
  7. noblehead

    noblehead Type 1 · Guru
    Retired Moderator

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    Hi Rav,

    I am pleased you found the answer to your concerns, it all makes sense now!

    I'm afraid I can't help you with regards to gastroparesis, never really heard it before, but I hope there is help available for this condition, and you return to good health soon.


  8. phoenix

    phoenix Type 1 · Expert

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    Sorry to hear about the gastroparesis.
    This (US) leaflet might help... it gives an overview http://www.diabetescommunity.org.uk/Gastroparesis.pdf
    You might find also this site useful: http://www.gastroparesis.org.uk/
    it is written by another type 1 with gastroparesis, but I'm a bit hesitant as I think that her 'case' was very severe (not everyone I've read of has such severity by any means) She is now one of the few people in the UK to use enterra therapy (an internal form of electrical gastric stimulation made by medtronic), as such she gives advice on obtaining funding for the procedure, but she also describes all the necessary diagnostic tests(ie to check it really is gastroparesis) and other forms of treatment from a UK point of view.
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