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  • Hi Sharon
    Remember me? It’s Ann the one you kindly helped with all the information to try and get a CGM because of my Total Pancreatectomy. Well I never did get one. I had lots of meetings but my CCG were really mean and were scared that everyone would want one if they gave one to me, so I funded it myself until I got the Libre. Let me know how you are.

    With kindest regards. Ann x
    Hi Sharon, how are you keeping, you have been through such a lot and you are often in my thoughts. I hope you are well and safe? X
    Hi! I understand you wake early to take a dose of bolus to avoid dawn phenomenon? I have an issue with my blood sugar rising rapidly between 5 am and 8am. I split my basal dose of Levemir and take at 9pm and 9am. Tried increasing night time dose but to no effect.
    It's called diabetic burn out but although it's a lot to deal with it's not all bad good days and bad keep your chin up don't let it grind you down you know your better than that best of luck from ray
    since when did you stop pumping? I thought you were getting on well with the Insight?
    Hi Donnellysdogs

    Have a big favour to ask....hope you can help me.

    Know you're on Insight pump. I've been on it since early summer with absolutely no problems and then i checked blood sugar an hour ago and all of a sudden i keep getting m-27 warning saying that no communication with pump and remote says pump is unavailable. Really not sure what to do and hope you can help.

    hi legend nice to meet you. i'd like to learn more from you about diabets. you know i'm diabetic since 1985.but i'm living without sincer controle.just taking my insulin 4 times in Algeria.its not easy to get in controle all the time.sometimes i hate doctors.but i keep on fighting this bad illness.i'm a new member in this i'm 40 years old not yet41. i hope we will get in touch.thanks.
    Hey there @donnellysdogs,
    I spotted in a thread that you said you had referral from your GP to a gym and personal trainer. That sounds brilliant! - do you know if that's something just local to you? Could you let me know more? It's so great to hear that you've had excellent support and it would be interesting to see if that could be made more widespread.
    Hi, I like your caption, Don't let diabetes rule your life, I say to my friends and relatives only difference I have with you ( non diabetic) I produce less or no insulin in the body otherwise I can do anything and everything. Subsist
    Thanks for the encouragment this evening Sharon I have been Reading up on the mobile app and pretty much found my problems they call it burn out I just thought it was stress. Good idea this forum. Cheers Nigel
    Hi huni sorry to trouble you. I know you are involved with your PPG can you suggest a page to look at on Google to compare practices as I have moved & need to change doctors? ty xx
    Hello, I have emailed you...not sure if you have received it? xx
    Hello I see you are online on here....blood is slowly creeping up after pizza and haven't eaten since! x
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