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Hi everyone,

This is a post looking for research participants from the University of Hertfordshire, it is not being run by DCUK but we have approved it for the forum. The details can be found below

"My name is Natalie and I am a Trainee Clinical Psychologist currently conducting my doctoral thesis with the University of Hertfordshire. I am currently recruiting participants and would like to share my details here for anybody who may potentially be interested in participating. The research focusses on better understanding the experiences of people with Type 1 Diabetes and Disordered Eating, or T1DE. In particular, the research will explore the role of the physical body and the understanding of physical experiences.

I am currently looking to interview people who fit the following criteria and are interested to share their experiences as part of the research:

- Aged 16 or over

- Have a diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes

- Have /or have had experience of disordered eating alongside T1D (may be a diagnosed eating disorder, or self-identified or undiagnosed problematic or disordered eating) (may or may not include diabulimia)

- Live in the UK

Interviews will last around 45 mins - 1 hour and can be stopped at any time or agreed to be shorter if preferred. They can be facilitated online, or if you are local (Hertfordshire / Bedfordshire) I can potentially source clinic rooms for face-to-face interviews. An optional de-brief space will be available after the interview. An information sheet and consent form will be shared with potential participants ahead of starting the interview and I am able to talk though any queries before starting.

If anyone would like more information, I am happy to liaise via email, or to give people a call to explain more.

As directed on the poster, if you are interested, please give me an email on [email protected] and I will get back to you.

All the best,


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