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Fasting for blood tests

Discussion in 'Fasting' started by LeanneSpain., Sep 4, 2017.

  1. LeanneSpain.

    LeanneSpain. Type 1 · Well-Known Member

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    Hi. This will be my first time fasting for blood tests since I became diabetic. Little worried as i wake at 5.0/6.0 normally and have to drive myself,worried my bloods will drop as they usually drop quickly in mornings. Any advice on how to keep sugars up or could i take dextrose tablets and tell the doctor how many iv taken (i will only take dextrose if i need to) tia
  2. Deleted Account

    Deleted Account · Guest

    My understanding is that fasting means no food, including dextrose.
    If I was in your position, I would go to bed a bit higher than usual for one night which should mean you have further to fall.
    Alternatively, you could drop your basal by one unit for the day.
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  3. Ch.R.

    Ch.R. Type 1.5 · Well-Known Member

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    Fasting Blood Test

    Hey LeanneSpain,

    I don’t know how long you have Diabetes already. Normally it is made
    when you receive the Basal-Insulin such as Toujeo, Etc. and as the
    therapy base it’s one of the most important matter to get that right,
    means if possible not below 70mg/dl or 3.9mmol/l, but if it once get
    to 60mg/dl or 3.3mmol/l don’t worry, because at healthy normal
    humans it could also reach that after exercises or sport activities and
    if it reaches there take some Sugar-Cube of about 5g or a Teaspoon
    of Sugar possibly mixed in a warm Water Glass to drink and that will
    bring you to about 90mg/dl or 5mmol/l within 10-20 minutes and
    then tell your Doctor and reduce 1U and observe for 4 days for if
    necessary to reduce 1U more for again to observe for 4 days, etc.
    Keeping in mind that the Normal Healthy Fasting Level is 70-99mg/dl
    or 3.9-5.5mmol/l and that under Therapy should also be the same
    at any Diabetics by any Types of Diabetes.
    The Basal-Insulin should always been set to the Moment of Lowest
    Glucose Value, but this could be very individually at morning or any
    time during the day or evening or in the night and for that test not
    doing anything of what usually is also not done for not interfering
    with your own reference values.
    For this a good calibrated Glucose-Meter should been applied, by
    calibrated it means at the moment of giving some blood to test in
    the laboratory, just at the same time to do 3 measurements to write
    down and compare to the laboratory tests results report to know
    and calculate how much possible wrong your Device is showing.
    ( For something like this, never use Abbotts FreeStyleLibre, but it could
    been used only for knowing when the individual lowest value within 24
    hours really is by the values itself not using by its huge tolerances.
    Many people have the lowest values at about 2 – 5 AM to know ! )

    To do the Basal-Test right it need to be done systematically :
    Step 1 - To find out when exactly is usually the lowest Glucose Value.
    That alone usually will take several days.
    Step 2 - When the Right Moment of Lowest Glucose Value is found,
    to avoid any Glucose lower 70mg/dl or 3.9mmol/l, then there by the
    Basal-Insulin Units setting it to about 80-85mg/dl or 4.4-4.7mmol/l for
    by this to provide the best preconditions during The Day and for best
    possible HbA1c Values !
    Any Adjustments done only every 4-5 days for the Metabolism.

    However you need to consider your Doctor for anything’s related.
  4. maria030660

    maria030660 · Well-Known Member

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    I have been fasting for many blood tests since i was diagnosed in 1985. Fasting always starts at 20.00 previous night and nothing is allowed. But i make the appointment for the blood test much in advance so i can be booked in as first one at 08.00. I always take a fruit juice with me just in case i feel faint but never had to use it so far.
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