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Health Care System

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by AlaskaRon, May 3, 2017.


Do you like the Health Care System in the UK

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. It's just OK

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  1. AlaskaRon

    AlaskaRon Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    As an American I wondered how you like the Health Care system in the UK?

    It has gotten why to expensive in the US since Obama Care. My deductible is so high I cant even use it.
  2. Ian_Laye

    Ian_Laye Type 2 (in remission!) · Well-Known Member

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    I can never understand why the US doesn't care about its citizens health unless they can pay for it.
  3. britishpub

    britishpub Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    The question is, should the state be responsible for its citizens health, or is it the responsibility of the individual.

    The US has serious issues with the cost of healthcare especially for those on low incomes who cannot afford Insurance. Obamacare did not resolve the issues at the core of the problem and only really increased the potential costs for middle earners.

    I doubt whether there is a solution palatable to most of the population.
  4. Growyourflow

    Growyourflow · Active Member

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    People are going to have to face reality, and really take control/research their disease states and find ways that are less expensive but as effective as current delivery systems of healthcare here in the U.S. Believe it or not this is possible! Sleep in mind the delivery of life sustaining or quality of life maintaining care happens in moments with the administration of various medicines...it is the hospitalization itself, return visits and peripheral costs originated in the hospital stays that are a huge part of this healthcare crisis. I will not comment on drug companies in this post.
  5. Lamont D

    Lamont D Reactive hypoglycemia · Master

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    It was instigated just after ww2 and became the best health system in the world, but it wasn't never free, the National Insurance every worker and with company contributions and of course government money to invest was how it was funded.
    However, after a succession of political dogma, it is now paid for by taxes and with private investment and investors all taking their chunk of our national treasure.
    The government cannot find or fund its enormous costs, so cost cutting and every other scheme is to make it tick over, hoping that it will survive by a prayer and a hope!
    Because of the aging population and higher population, the care has been declining and waiting time has grown disproportionately.
    It is broken and potentially a disaster waiting to happen.
    We have been lucky with winter weather and milder summers.
    Hospitals are coping on a shoe string, but the care is declining from brilliant to harmful.
    It is about time a British government decided on a true health service that allows for the whole to be effective, rather dividing it up so some private sector can profit.
    We are going through another phase of who is running and funding the local health authorities. Our new mayor will have a large say on where the funding for Liverpool city area will spend its resources from local government, whilst the government's contribution from our taxes is reduced, which will increase local taxes again.
    We are taxed enough at this end of the class system, somewhere close to 60% of a middle aged worker is paid in tax either directly or over the counter in vat!

    The NHS is brilliant but badly run and badly funded and the politicians are to blame for consistently not looking after our health care provision as a whole.

    If you were a vehicle which was insured and you had a fault.
    You would go to a garage, which would diagnose the problem.
    You would be repaired and a follow up would be probably needed as to its effectiveness.
    A vehicular MOT test is mandatory every three to five years.
    Simple supply and demand.

    I know it's not simple but the amount of waste incurred in not running the NHS as a good business model is what is destroying it.
    And as always too many chiefs and not enough injuns!

    What always gets me, is why spend money on treatment rather than prevention?
    Why spend money on medication that is far too expensive, for profiteering pharmaceutical companies, when not going elsewhere for the same drugs at a cheaper cost?
    Why has the last ten government's spent billions on reorganisation, which could have gone on actual care?
    Why can't I get an appointment at my doctors unless I'm very lucky?
    Why am I surprised at these questions?
  6. wolfie11969

    wolfie11969 Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    I'd have to say I feel lucky with the level of health care I and my husband receive in the Midlands.

    Our GP (first port of call) can be a nightmare to get an appointment if you're sick on the day but for anything long term you can pre-book appointments on the internet or phone a few days in advance.

    I have a few health issues and I must say the care I receive is very good. I might have to wait 3 - 6 months in between for an appointment but you know you are going to be seen. (6 months applies to an eye care clinic).

    The only downside that has occurred with government cuts is I lost my psych nurse as they deemed me both responsible enough to look after my own mental health and also they figured my husband could do the job of the psych nurse.

    I cant complain but do forsee more problems if the cuts continue in the UK.
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