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Hi Again.... General life rant... Sorry[emoji21]

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Kevyu, Feb 20, 2019.

  1. Kevyu

    Kevyu Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    I just wanted to say hi to everyone. (Not been on for.... Many months.)
    Had a tough year, though steered a fairly steady path re lchf but did slip a little now and again.

    My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, just a month b4 I was given the D shock and found myself on here, reading every strand, of every post just to keep my sanity...... And to be honest, remind myself there r a lot of you, worse off than me.
    I was just getting to grips with this woe after my wifes first op, balancing my own sanity with my natural default of ignoring me and looking after others around me.

    (How my poor daughter has coped with the comedy of medical ailments thrown at her, by us, in the last 6 years and kept her sanity I'll never know.

    My wife's original diagnosis, in Feb 18 followed by mine within a month. Then my wife's op, and recovery period.
    The nervous wait for post op results, after recovery, full of optimism, to be told that she had to go under the knife again to remove more of her breast.... another 6 weeks recovery.
    Mean while, diabetic eye test,.. atleast that came back on.
    Never did get round to arranging the diabetic course

    Trying to ignore the fact that I should be arranging my own 6mth hba1ç review, along side my wife's regular hospital and GP appts.

    Asked my chemist to change my lancettes, cos I'd changed my meter, and within a week, Ran over my new bg meter after it fell out of my pocket, back to the chemist, told her I'd like to switch back until a new one arrived as I hadn't yet returned the original meter yet (fortunately)
    A week later, back to the chemist to change them again.
    Back to my wife's oncologist, optimistic but also with some trepidation to be told the same again. .....But 3 operations ..........8 tough months and a month of radiotherapy, down the line eventually given the all clear.

    Then my car was broken in to.. guess what.... Took my new BG meter. So no testing for 4 months now..... Now a little nervous With 1yr HbA1c looming

    I kind of pretended to all around me that all was fine, and put my diabetes in the back burner.

    On the up now though. I can concentrate on me again.

    So here I am. Hoping that I can wing the hba1c, and my stress levels haven't dropped me in it hoping a free contour 1 meter is on its way, and hoping you'll all have me back.

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  2. Prem51

    Prem51 Type 2 · Expert

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    Welcome back @Kevyu. You've had a tough time over the last few months. It's good to hear your wife has been given the all clear.
    Hopefully you can now take more time to deal with your diabetes. I hope your HbA1c goes well, but don't stress if your results aren't good, you can still turn this condition round.
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  3. donnellysdogs

    donnellysdogs Type 1 · Master

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    You’ve had a tough time and I’m glad your wife has been told no evidence found remaining.
    I too have had breast cancer and a double mastectomy and T1 diabetic. My darling husband got me through it but suddenly died a year ago aged 51.

    What I will say... you must get sorted. I think you know that now. Welcome back.

    It is time for you to gain control back. I must admit after my hubby died I thought what’s the point.. but the saying “you only live once- no actually you live every day but only die once”- means you both must grasp every joy you can and take responsibility for your health once and for all -and never let it waiver again....

    Sounds like a rant, but it isn’t. Just wish my hubby could have seen me given complete discharge from breast care last June. He saw me through hell and back. There is nothing that we could have done more to save my husbands life, that was down to his genes and failures at the hospital, but you can.

    Well done for coming back.

    Don’t wing the hba1c... use it to improve, and never forget.. medics will understand. Get them on your side as they will know you are winging it. Then that will put you in the non compliant patient group which you aren’t really... you’ve just had other considerations. Tell them you know you have to take charge of your health and keep committed.. and they will be happy to help you.

    Glad your wife has got through the roughest time. It’s tough but believe me you can both be living well again... I am and I was suicidal Xmas 2015 so it goes to prove life does get better-but it’s our responsibility.
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