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New T2 morbidly obese and scared

Discussion in 'Newly Diagnosed' started by JennyFrog, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. HSSS

    HSSS Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    addiction is the issue with carb for many of us these days. We need to treat it as such imo. So are you an all or nothing kinda gal? I’m unable to resist temptation. If I have a little I don’t stop. So when I started this I went keto. All in. But I wasn’t on insulin or any other meds so hypo wasn’t a concern. I’d suggest if this is what you’d like to do you talk to your dr and hold off on the insulin maybe to avoid that risk. (Nothing to stop you using it again later IF it’s needed but it shouldn’t be needed). Others prefer to ease in gently without the shock of leaping in. Probably easier to reduce insulin a bit at a time this way too. But again speak to your dr to get doses appropriate for what you eat - not the other way around. I’m assuming here you are on fixed dose as it’s still only a matter of days since diagnosis.

    What was your hb1ac? This is important as it lets you know how far you have got to go and how far towards your goal you’ve got. I’m assuming as insulin was given immediately quite high. That said some drs issue it much more (too!) quickly than others and there are people that have started in the 100+ range on low carb with no meds and done brilliantly.

    what foods do you eat? What’s great for your tastebuds? What’s awful?

    and more than the immediately preceding food effects us, though that is the largest factor. What we ate earlier in the day or even the day before, how we slept, if we’re ill or coming down with something, how stressed we are, what exercise we’ve done. This is why each meal is tested more than once, to get an overall and consistent picture.

    last point already made by @JoKalsbeek you will fail at some point. We all do. The difference is we draw a line under it and go again, and again, and again. It’s called life! How long do you usually last before deciding you can’t do it? The longer you go on low carb the easier it gets due to the lack of carb cravings. People are amazed they can stick to it once past the first hurdles.
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  2. VashtiB

    VashtiB Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    Hi again JennyFrog,
    About 6 months ago I could have written something very similar. My prediagnosis diet was largely made up of carbs A lot of them were sweet. When I started I didn't think I could do it at all. I still have a sweet tooth and have diet jelly sometime or Diet Coke. I find these helped.

    I also found keto baked custard something that helped.

    I promised myself that the first 6 months at least were just about blood sugars and not weight loss. I eat cream (with shavings of dark chocolate or peanut butter or sugar free syrups) almost daily. That helps my sweet tooth.

    Some days I still think I can't do this forever and have posted some very self pitying posts here. I received so much support it has really helped.

    I'm not a fan of meat and didn't eat a lot of it before. My cats and dogs have liked the change in my diet as they usually get some .

    I cannot afford to retire or die just yet- I need to be alive and earning until my youngest finishes uni. I also do not want to lose my sight. This is my motivation- my husband and kids- not really me except I can't imagine a life without sight and I can't do my job without sight.

    Sorry this is too long- just want to say I really understand how devastated you feel and how impossible the options feel. But you are stronger than you realise and this site is amazing and so full of help and support.

    Good luck.
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  3. JennyFrog

    JennyFrog Type 2 · Member

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