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Tested positive for COVID

Discussion in 'Ask A Question' started by notafanofsugar, Dec 19, 2021.

  1. notafanofsugar

    notafanofsugar Type 1 · Well-Known Member

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    Hi everyone! I tested positive for COVID yesterday and wondered if anyone else has? Has anyone else? What were your symptoms? how long did they last?

    I can’t smell anything, which is how I thought it may be COVID. No idea where I could’ve got it from, I’ve been so safe for so long. Oh well.

    Reading online it seems most people are better in 3 weeks and I think I’ve had covid since Thursday. I’m anxious as to what might happen! I haven’t seen anyone since Monday and even then I was social distancing so hopeful precautions have helped.
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  2. NicoleC1971

    NicoleC1971 Type 1 · Well-Known Member

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    I tested positive both lon lft and pcr after my husband passed it on to me.
    I did not have any symptoms so may have had either the new variant or a false positive.
    Possibly slight runny nose, headache but literally a day.
    I kept checking my sugars obviously but flat all the way through.
    So maybe I was lucky but its normal to worry after all we have been told as 3x risk type 1s!
    I am female, age 50 and not obese so I guess those things were in my favour.
    Back at work now after a frustrating loss of income (I am a personal trainer)!
    Keep testing sugars and rest up obviously and I hope you are over the worst of it by Christmas.
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  3. jjraak

    jjraak Type 2 · Expert

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    Sorry to hear that

    If it helps . Double jabbed WAS inline for booster but not called forward

    I spent 10 minutes in company of colleague I don't normally see on a Sunday, socially distance but unmasked ( doing favour, collecting item, and no one had told her, so I waited for her other colleague to return)

    She tested positive the next day (Monday)
    I felt ill Wednesday, tested positive LFT, then PCR Thursday

    That Thursday temp above 37.7..
    Couldn't control temp, gave me an insight into wife's hot flushes

    From then on I felt rough
    Worst cold ever, never had flu, but imagine it aligned with a very mild version.

    As for symptoms.
    I use Zoe, who once you say your positive, offer a tick list of symptoms.

    I seemed to add a symptom a day
    Loss of taste
    ". ". Smell

    Taste & smell dropped of dramatically, but I never fully lost it.

    Fell ill symptoms etc 4th
    Out of self isolation 14 Nov

    Not as scary as expected, but still nasty

    Tiredness last a few weeks more and that was more a sudden drain that required some sleep.

    I'd say I have got back to 85% normal, to date

    Top tip after reading how many don't get that back for ages, was you can train your tastes back

    Once interested in eating again, I ate extra spicy and a no no on here normally but sweet things.

    2 weeks later all back to normal

    Stay safe
    Get well soon :)
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  4. notafanofsugar

    notafanofsugar Type 1 · Well-Known Member

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    That’s really helpful, thanks. I feel strangely tired throughout the day and am looking forward to when that might subside. I’ve read a little about the smell and taste training so will start that. Thanks again. Feel a lot better but tiredness wanes!
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  5. markpj31

    markpj31 Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    Did you regain your smell/taste?
  6. barrym

    barrym LADA · Well-Known Member

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    Tested positive Friday. Absolutely no symptoms other than my BG levels had been unexplainably wayward and it was out of desperation. I couldn't belied the result. Still no symptoms and BG more responsive to my actions now.

    Weird huh?
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