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Times post study discrediting IF

Discussion in 'Fasting' started by Ronancastled, Nov 23, 2021.

  1. Ronancastled

    Ronancastled Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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  2. BravoKilo

    BravoKilo · Well-Known Member

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    I can’t see the full Times article but I’m guessing that it’s based on this paper?

    f so, quickly scan reading the article, the results are not particularly surprising- at the 1 year mark adherence to the 5:2 ( and the other approaches) had dropped to 20%, so would not expect to see much difference at the 1 year mark.

    Sticking to diets can be difficult!
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  3. AloeSvea

    AloeSvea Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    Thank you @Ronancastled and @BravoKilo for posting these.

    It seems some progress is being made, in that the conclusion to the article/study is that medical professionals should suggest the 5:2 as a reasonable means to weight loss, even with the high 'dropout' rate.

    I can't actually imagine listening to medical professionals on anything to do with weight loss, actually. As it is right now, they usually know as much or as little as the next person, and the calories in calories out model is still the dominant one.

    I could only see the opening paragraphs of the The Times article without paying for it, but I saw enough to see the 5:2 being described as a "cult diet". Ouch!

    My compassion goes out to us generally, as a species in these times, as the fact it is very hard to keep off nutritonless but tasty high-energy, high-sugar, high-additives, high-ultra processed vege oil fats is pondered on so amongst, oh - just about everyone! And it is noticed that we as a species are getting fatter and fatter all over the world. And when fatter, our health breaks down. (The twitter comments were a good read on 'all that'.)

    One day, maybe in our lifetime? We will see greater societal/governmental controls on Big Food. Supermarkets and convenience stores won't look the way they do now, offerering what they do now to us poor hapless humans.

    But small drops in the pond? And the actual study suggests the 5:2 is still worthy as an option. Hear hear.

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