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Type 1 and metformin

Discussion in 'Type 1 Diabetes' started by flowerpower13, Nov 12, 2020.


What was your reason for going onto metformin?

  1. To reduce insulin resistance

    1 vote(s)
  2. For weight control

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Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. flowerpower13

    flowerpower13 Type 1 · Member

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    Has anyone had experience using metformin as a type 1? My doctor wants to try me on it to see if it will help reduce my appetite and hunger and hopefully help me drop a few pounds. I’m not particularly insulin resistant but I do have times where I need ALOT more insulin than usual.
    I’m also on a pump and since transitioning onto it I’ve gained about a stone in weight!
    How have you found metformin, are there any side effects?

    Thanks x
  2. MarkMunday

    MarkMunday Type 1 · Well-Known Member

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    Yes, I have used it and metformin may help reduce insulin requirement a bit. But it won't make much difference if lots of carbs are consumed. The easiest way to reduce insulin requirement and avoid weight gain is to cut out the carbs.
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  3. karen8967

    karen8967 Type 1 · Master

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    i use metformin as i am very insulin resistant ,it does not reduce my appetite or make me lose weight x
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  4. Vplum

    Vplum · Member

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    Hello! I am on metformin along with insulin. I found when I was on 1500mg per day increasing to 2000mg per day that I could not leave the house with having a large pack of immodium instants in my bag. Awful! Also hasn't suppressed my appetite or made me lose weight. Apparently my liver function has improved since I have been on it.
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  5. ickihun

    ickihun Type 2 · Master

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    It's still not been diagnosed whether I'm type1 and type2 but in the past without insulin and low carb unintentional eating I lost weight but only on less than 800cals per day.
    Today after bariatric weight loss I'm on far less insulin than pre op but metformin (I feel) is agitating my digestion. Maybe. (awaiting a gallbladder problem to be confirmed and resolved). Today my diabetes specialist alongside my surgeon and myself want to reduce my metformin to see if any less digestion complaint. I'm new to ibuprofen rub on my painful chest but I was assured today ibuprofen doesn't help with the side effects from metformin. Hence I will reduce and see.
    I'm happy to post back my findings.
    My last C-peptide was 761 but was on quite a bit of insulin but even less now (but have a higher hba1c) .
    Also discovered this week how much Furosemide tablet was affecting my bgs. A few notches lower without it but I've bloated like a puffer fish. I'm looking forward to getting rid of all the swellings when back on it tomorrow.
    My surgeon is aware of my discomfort in my digestion and pain near my gallbladder and awaiting a MRCP and possible gallbladder removal.
    Metformin most likely will be stopped somewhere before either anyway. Right?
    I'm a longterm metformin user and my kidneys are very healthy but have a fatty liver, still. After losing 7-8st.
    I conclude either the metformin isn't strong enough to do it's old magic for me due to bariatric op or..... I'm no longer insulin resistant so metformin has no longer a purpose but my hba1c is high due to being a previously disguised type1.
    I honestly believed I put my undiagnosed diabetes in reversal in my teens with large weight loss and extremely low calories.
    The jury is out at mo whether I've been a type1 all along but masked by obesity and an initial type2 diagnosis in 2002.
    Luckily I used insulin in my only 2 pregnancies eh?
    Metformin with one and not first one.
    I believe heavily in metformin for IR and solid stomach fat. On Metformin I hv a softer stomach and stools.
    This time around on Metformin (after bariatric op) I haven't lost 2st nor regained my periods. Mind u I'm coming closely to that age of change anyway though.
    I'd be sad to stop metformin as it has brought me huge reassurance and stability with my inability to lose weight when exercising. Also to start up my ability to get pregnant.
    An excellent tablet which I understand is cheap and affordable.
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