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What am I doing here?

Discussion in 'Greetings and Introductions' started by slumgod, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. slumgod

    slumgod · Newbie

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    Hi. its 1 a.m. I'm not really sure how I got here I am not diagnosed with diabetes but I sure as hell eat a lot of sugar historically.

    - What is your name? Slum
    - How old are you? 27
    - Are you male or female? M
    - Which country are you from? uk
    - Which city/area do you live in? didn't realise this was a dating site. ha
    - Are you religious? sort of
    - Pick three words to describe your personality. Foolish / intuitive / troublesome
    - Do you have any pets? no
    - Microsoft or Apple? people break through windows for an apple these days.
    - Which sport(s) (if any) do you like/play? calisthenics
    - Do you get angry easily? unfortunately. im working on it.
    - Do you have any tattoos or piercings? If so, where? nah. I'm an old school gentleman.
    - List your five favourite musicians/bands. thats difficult.
    - What would you say your favourite music genre is? vibration.
    - What is your favourite flag? orange
    - Ever gone camping? yes
    - Ever been in love? yes
    - Ever used fake tan? im brown naturally
    - Which countries have you visited? england wales scotland france italy switzerland america india.. i need to get out more.
    - Favourite city? Difficult. cant say yet.
    - List your five favourite TV programmes... dont watch tv. tv compliments snacking.
    - List your five favourite films. its 1 am i cant do this.
    - Are you wealthy? by other peoples standards, i suppose.
    - Do you work? If so, as what? investing.
    - List the subjects you study/have studied.
    - What do you like most about yourself? super potential in all areas of life
    - What do you like least about yourself? lack of self- control + clarity

    I'm here because I'm a raging stoner who eats a lot of sugar and also used to drink a lot of sugar but stopped that part after reading about the possibility of being in a pre-diabetic state.
    I tend not to go to see doctors because it simply doesn't make sense to me to trust someone's 5 minute vague diagnosis of my condition over my own intuition such as reading forums like this. I don't trust healthcare practitioners as I have good awareness of people skills and most of the people in those types of jobs are in them for the wrong reasons and the people who are passionate about their work are few and far between.

    All that said. Ritter Sport Hazelnut is great if you want to relapse to sugar madness like I just did! I know I'm going to feel like crap tomorrow morning and my plans to make a kale shake are going to be that much harder to fulfil.

    I feel many problems in my health from eating too much sugar and generally a poor diet and bad choices in lifestyle including heavy cannabis/tobacco smoking which has a MASSIVE role on my personal circumstances. I'm here to basically share my story with you guys piece by piece and log my progress with you if any is made.

    I have recently found that I am experiencing all the symptoms of a leaky gut such as psoriasis and others. I have been reading the GAPS book. So I understand a bit about what is going on with my own health from doing some research and self-diagnosis over the last few weeks. This is educational for me and is much more valuable than going to see a general practitioner for a quick tip and trip to the pharmacy to spend money on some lab-made magic potion which will more than likely cause further problems.

    I feel like I'm ranting here. I didn't not come to spread bad vibes!
    All i know is something is wrong when my muscles are shrinking at a rapid rate after eating too much sugar.
    Cramping in my calfs. eek. or is it just the weather?
    So it begs to ask the question - am I a hypochondriac?
    Should I stay off these health forums in order not to attract problems?
    my aim is to get healthy to a point where i can stop smoking without too many negative consequences of withdrawal.

    well anyhow i bought a glucose test kit thingy from amazon the cheap code free sd biosensor - cheapest refills.
    will see how it goes and keep you guys updated with my fluctuations!

    Nice to meet you all :)
  2. Grateful

    Grateful Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    Welcome. If you think you may have diabetes or pre-diabetes, I recommend that you consult a doctor.

    There is a list of symptoms of diabetes here: http://www.diabetes.co.uk/diabetes-symptoms.html. (But some people who developed diabetes, including myself, had no symptoms at all.)

    If the diagnosis is confirmed, this is a great place to get support and advice.
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  3. Jo_the_boat

    Jo_the_boat Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    You're obviously a bit of a humourist - nothing wrong with that! :)
    But you're concerned enough to post on here. So....although you don't trust doctors, it may be worth asking for a blood test to see where you stand. IF (and it's by no means certain) you are diabetic or tending that way, you'll get some really good advise from the fine folks on here.
    If you are not diabetic one thing is for sure (according to many testimonies) you will probably really benefit from a bit of a life-style change.
    Cramping is fact so in that sense you're not a hypochondriac - and it's quite common.
    I stopped the fags by smoking one of those ridiculous vapourizing machines. I looked like an idiot but soon got enough puff back so I could gallop into the kitchen for a fairy cake - before I gave them up too.
    Not trying to preach, just help. I'm sure you'll get some proper advice (like above) instead of my diatribe.
    Good luck
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  4. hankjam

    hankjam Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    I would recommend going to see a doc, it's probably not going to get better by itself.
    Wish you well and good luck
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  5. Jaylee

    Jaylee Type 1 · Moderator
    Staff Member

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    Hhi @slumgod ,

    Welcome to the forum..

    The issue with self diagnosis is one tends to only relate the "visible" symptoms, which don't always tally with what's actually happening?
    Someone with access to a professional laboratory may shed more light on the issues you have..
    That's wash the HCPs are for..
    Book an apointment, let them run a few tests, then see what comes back...

    Good luck!
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