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Why can insulin be the main therapy for type 2

Discussion in 'Type 2 with Insulin' started by gbswales, May 18, 2022.

  1. gbswales

    gbswales · Well-Known Member

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    U have had type 2 diabetes for about 15 years and currently treat with Novarapid three variable doses between 18 and 26 units according to readings) and Lantus (fixed night time dose of 58). I try to be sensible in not eating sweets and sugary things but cannot resist of find a subsitute for fresh white bread. The only breakfast I enjoy is toast butter and a little marmalade as I dont like cereals or cooed food (other than toast in the morning) I also like a glass of orange juice as this makes me feel awake, (I do not like coffee or tea in the morning though drink it at other times)

    For lunch I am a sanwich person and like thick white crusty bread, very thin spread and various fillings of Ham, Beef, egg mayonaise, Tuna Mayonaide - anything really followed with a pastry of some sort and a piece of fresh fruit

    I then have dinner which is the meal I have the fewest problems with though there are some dishes that I cannot face without some potato and as my partner is asian 60% of what we eat it wok cooked.

    I am on constant glucose monitoring with freestyle libre an ask myelf the question "why can I not use insulin with constant monitoring alone to control my diabetes just as I use factor 9 to control my haemophillia B?
  2. sno0opy

    sno0opy Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    If your readings are less then 8 after meals and your HBA1C is less then 42 then it seems you can control it with insulin. Though topping up your body with more insulin if your T2 is due to insulin resistance just increases your resistance so over time you need more and more insulin which can result in even with very high doses not being able to get sugars down over time.

    The method is one which does very often end up in complications long term for those reasons and is a key reason why T2 is seen as a progressive and ultimately debilitating condition. (Just adding more and more insulin till it stops working is how it progresses)

    If your bloods are outside of those ranges (in particular your HBA1C), then its not working and the high sugars will slowly damage your body resulting in the complications were all aware of.

    The problem being that injected insulin is not as effective at keeping bloods down as your body's auto response, and a very high insulin load (injected + what ever your body is producing still) increases your resistance so you need more the next week. Cumulative fatigue on the system.

    I suppose it comes down to, in 15 years are you still on the same dose of inulin of 18 - 26 and 58 at night? Did it start lower, or has it been that rate for ever? Is your HBA1C in range?
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  3. Antje77

    Antje77 LADA · Moderator
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    I'm a bit puzzled by your question. If you are using a Libre and injecting before each meal you are using insulin with constant monitoring to control your diabetes.
    Do you mean to ask why it doesn't work well? Or is there something you'd like to do differently from how you are treating your diabetes now?
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