new friends

  1. elliegladman

    19, looking for friends! <3

    Hi, I'm El. I'm 19 and I'm quite lonely in the area of diabetic friends! I've only ever had one diabetic friend and it's when I was younger and wanted nothing to do with my illness. I'm willing to give people my social media if you're interested in becoming friends (: I'm a photographer, my...
  2. Choosehappy


    Hi guys With little time to go now I thought I would get the ball rolling. I know that not everyone enjoys/celebrates Christmas and that this year it may be a little different for some. Some may find themselves away from family and feeling lonely, so I wanted to create a thread because I am the...
  3. Lucyclaire7

    Yorkshire & The Humber Calling all diabetics in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK.

    Afternoon all. Looking for some diabetic friends in my home town. I’m based Leeds UK and work in Wakefield. Feel free to say hi :)