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1 week in 25 with type 1

Discussion in 'Newly Diagnosed' started by MichaelM93, Mar 26, 2019.

  1. Deleted Account

    Deleted Account · Guest

    I snack in the same way as I eat meals - count the carbs for what you are eating and inject.
    Typically, if you are snacking on something with less than 10g carbs (e.g. a digestive biscuit) you can get away without injecting but bear in mind 2 x digestives between meals (even if they are separated by a couple of hours) is close to 20g carbs.
    If you do snack and inject, be aware of "insulin stacking". I do this regularly and am confident if I am carb counting but it makes some people (including some HCP) nervous.
    Apart from avoiding injecting, there is absolutely no reason why your snacks now should be any different to snacks before you had diabetes.
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  2. Marie 2

    Marie 2 LADA · Well-Known Member

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    I'm a vegan so my snacks will be a little different, I can tell you that I was told early on a good snack range is about 15 carbs with some protein in it is helpful. That can vary person to person too.

    I like the individual soy/nut milk drinks, nuts, gaucomole, apple, blueberries, nut bars, peanut/almond butter on whole wheat crackers, soy jerky. Just pay attention to the carbs in your snacks so you can take the proper insulin.

    I snorkel at 62, and I'll eat a cookie if I want to. But I've learned what it takes to do that? One requires a drop in insulin usage and the other requires more insulin.

    Get a CGM, I can't imagine life without it anymore! Instead of finger sticking all day you can read your glucose level 50 times a day by just looking at your reader or phone. It makes it so much easier!
  3. kitedoc

    kitedoc Type 1 · Well-Known Member

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    HI @MichaelM93, Welcome to the forum and your new 'life'.

    At some point you will need to know just how important it is to keep BSLs in range for the long term.

    Hopefully your nurse and doctors will speak with you about this as you get more used to diet, insulin etc.
    but just so you know - on the Forum page question box - (Right upper corner) type in "Golden 6 1/2 years"
    and read about the DCCT (Diabetes Control and Complications Trial).
    You can also type DCCT into the search box on the Forum page but it is the trial not the blood test units DCCT heading/reference that you are looking for !

    Having read about DCCT you may wish to revise your ideas on diet in order to make the most of this 6 1/2 years and beyond.!!

    Also on the Home page:
    under "Type 1" (? 3rd from extreme left) there is information in the lefthand most column about diets, insulin and
    across in the 4th column about hypos (low blood sugars) and

    back to the Home page:
    look at in the "Living with Diabetes" section midway along the row , and at extreme left column shows what acceptable BSLs should be, and about blood tests meters etc.

    Best Wishes on your journey :):):)
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  4. Tom.

    Tom. · Newbie

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    It takes some time, I was diagnosed at 13 and it took a while to sink in that I wouldn't just be taking insulin until I got better.

    Like others have said, its all about learning how you react to things and finding out what works for you. Over time you'll get it. I still eat pizza, my diabetic nurse gave me advice on how to split my insulin dose to counteract the delay in carb release, once you get more used to carb counting and fine tune your ratio you'll be able to minimise the effects on your lifestyle.
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  5. eventhorizon

    eventhorizon Type 1 · Well-Known Member

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    Before you worry too much about carb ratios you need the get your basal (long acting background insulin) correct. It won't be easy. You might enter a honeymoon period which will complicate things even further!
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  6. Knikki

    Knikki · Guest

    @MichaelM93 how you doing, how you finding things?

    Had any follow up from your diabetic team?
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  7. Colin Crowhurst

    Colin Crowhurst Type 1 · Well-Known Member

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    As also recently diagnosed T1 (Dec 18) I can safely say it took a few weeks to get my figures down (escpecially during my Hospital stay!) Its a long term thing but I have trended downwards consistently and now run 5-6 through out the day ; however my waking BS is often 7-8 so not sure what this is, but "Dawn Phemomenon" appears to make sense. Keep with it and don't hesitate to ask questions on here ( or from a close contact on here if you have one!)
    Read Read Read is where I started!
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