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Advice Please!

Discussion in 'Eating disorders and diabetes' started by kortnialys, May 17, 2018.

  1. kortnialys

    kortnialys Type 1 · Newbie

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    So, I have type 1 and use an insulin pump.

    I also have asd, bpd, depression, anxiety, insomnia etc etc.

    I’ve always thought ‘at least I don’t have an eating disorder’. Until yesterday. My friend said I do. And it made me think (so much so, that it’s 5.35 in the morning and I’m wide awake researching these things).

    So I’m 5’11 and weigh about XX which apparently makes my bmi around XX which is fine. I wear a size XX and I’d say I’m happy with my weight and size.

    But I’d hate to put on weight. Like it freaks me out thinking about it.

    And I often skip meals and let my blood sugar level run high so I don’t need to eat as much. Like I run my pump on a low basal rate so my numbers are constantly high.

    And sometimes I get super cravings for food, and I binge eat like mad on all the sweets and cakes and donuts and chocolate etc and most of the time I make myself hypo first with a quick extra high bolus on my pump so I can justify it to myself.

    And even as I’m writing this, I’m realising it’s really not sounding good.

    Help? I don’t want to talk to my DSN about this yet, I guess I want to talk to my psychological people first... but how do I explain this to them?
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    #1 kortnialys, May 17, 2018 at 5:45 AM
    Last edited by a moderator: May 24, 2018
  2. Diakat

    Diakat Type 1 · Moderator
    Staff Member

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    Hi @kortnialys

    Please just tell your team. There is growing awareness of this type of thing.

    If you are on Facebook search for the DWED page or look for their website. They are an organisation support I g diabetics with eating disorders.

    You typed it out and recognised a problem. That's the first step. Your friend, while upsetting you may have just helped you out.
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  3. Robinredbreast

    Robinredbreast Type 1 · Master

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    Here is a helpful link, you do need to talk to someone so you can get the proper support and guidance, take care.

  4. Juicyj

    Juicyj Type 1 · Moderator
    Staff Member

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    Hello @kortnialys and welcome to the forum :)

    I don't think it matters who you talk to first, whether it's either your nurse or psyc team and explain what's going on sooner rather than later, just be honest, explain what happens when you eat and what you are doing with your insulin and blood glucose levels when you do. Talk about your binges and what's triggering them. It's a vicious circle you're in at the moment, but it pretty common. Have a look at the http://dwed.org.uk/ site, we have a moderator who pops in from time to time here @asortafairytale who i've tagged too. It's so important to take care of yourself and to avoid complications so I really hope you get the support you need.

    Can you talk to a family member too, opening up to someone close to you might help you come to terms with your relationship with food and insulin as well as getting some much needed support. Please let us know how you get on ?

    Best wishes J
  5. Rachox

    Rachox Type 2 (in remission!) · Moderator
    Staff Member

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    Sounds like your friend who realised the problem before you did, might be a good support for you. When you’ve decided who you’ll go to to talk about all this if you need support will they go with you?
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  6. jacqfromdwed

    jacqfromdwed Type 1 · DWED Support

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    Yes this sounds like classic diabulimia which is 'the manipulation or omission of insulin specifically and only for weight control purposes'. I recommend you join our growing community on facebook if you are based in the UK. Also diabulimia is highly morbid with other diagnoses like anxiety, BPD depression, OCD etc so it may be that you are more vulnerable because of these diagnoses. It is really important that you get help for this and make sure that your d team knows what is going on
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